Fine double for Sprintec

first_imgSprintec Track Club scored two big wins during yesterday’s 2016 Gibson McCook Relays at the National Stadium.The club’s female and male teams clocked fast times to capture the men’s and women’s sprint relays for clubs and institutions.The quartet of Gayon Evans, Anastasia Leroy, Anneisha McLaughlin-Whilby and Sherone Simpson turned back sister team GC Foster College to clock a winning time of 43.61 seconds. G.C. Foster were second in 44.17 and University of Technology, third in 44.35.McLaughlin-Whilby was overjoyed with her team’s run.”We just came out today to give of our best and I am very pleased with how the young ladies ran. I am happy I was able to finish injury free,” said McLaughlin-Whilby.The Sprintec men, who finished a close second to MVP Track Club at the recent Milo Western Relays, avenged that defeat with a quick 38.59 as Racers were second in 39.02 ahead of UTech, 39.55.The winning Sprintec quartet was Jermaine Hamilton, Oshane Bailey, Rasheed Dwyer and Chadic Hinds.PRETTY CONFIDENT”We were not focusing on time coming into the race, but in the end, we were very happy that we ran fast. We have a new set of guys and I am pretty confident that next year we are going to run much faster,” Dwyer said.There were two 4x100m relay wins in the high school section for Edwin Allen High’s girls and Kingston College (KC).Edwin Allen won the Class Three, and Four events. In Class Three they clocked 46.13 to hold off St Catherine High, second in 46.19, and St Jago High, third in 46.34.In Class Four, favourites Edwin Allen remained unbeaten this season winning in 47.58 ahead of Hydel High, 47.70, and Wolmer’s Girls, 49.88.St Jago’s girls ran away with the Class One sprint relay after favourites Holmwood Technical dropped the baton. The Spanish Town-based school won in 45.77. Green Island High clocked 45.81 for second and Camperdown High were third in 45.92.Holmwood made up for their Class One loss by taking Class Two as favourites Edwin Allen had baton problems on the second leg. Holmwood won in 46.02, defeating St Jago (46.07) and Edwin Allen, 47.77.KC won the Class Three sprint relay clocking 43.41 to finish ahead of Wolmer’s Boys, 43.41, and St Jago, 44.09.A brilliant second leg from former Vaz Prep star Terrique Stennett gave KC an easy win in Class Four. They won in 45.17 with Calabar High second in 46.60 and St Jago third in 47.68.Jamaica College captured the Class One boys 4x100m in 40.01. St Jago, 40.44, and Cornwall College, 40.57, were second and third, respectively. In this event, Calabar’s second-leg runner fell after the exchange, while Kingston College’s anchor leg runner pulled up 30 metres from the finish line.Calabar were hit by a hamstring injury to star Class Two sprinter Tyreke Wilson. Wilson almost went down on the lead off leg, but, despite the injury, still managed to hand over the baton to teammate Christopher Taylor on the second leg. They won in 41.21 with Wolmer’s Boys second in 41.98.last_img read more

Redknapp: No regrets over Magpies snub

first_imgHarry Redknapp says he has no regrets about snubbing the Newcastle manager’s job in 2008 in order to stay at Portsmouth.The QPR boss, whose team visit Tyneside on Saturday, this week described Newcastle as “one of the great clubs in English football”.But he still believes he made the right decision to remain at Fratton Park before eventually leaving Pompey to take over at Tottenham.He said: “I don’t ever regret anything. I don’t look back and think like that. You keep looking forward and keep moving on.“That was ages ago – way down the line. I took the Tottenham job after that and didn’t regret that, I had four fantastic years there.“I don’t regret staying at Portsmouth instead of going to Newcastle, I absolutely loved it there.”Redknapp has also praised Newcastle’s much maligned owner Mike Ashley for standing by manager Alan Pardew.Magpies fans called for Pardew to be sacked during a poor recent run but he has since presided over a major upturn.“I think the chairman’s been fantastic there. He gets a lot of stick, Mike Ashley, but he’s always at games and follows the team,” said Redknapp.“He’s stuck by Alan because he knows he’s got a good manager. It’s easy to have a knee-jerk reaction and bomb him out.“They finished fifth the other year and were very unlucky not to finish in the Champions League places.“Alan’s done a good job and he knows he’s got the backing of the chairman there.”Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Warriors will face Rockets on Christmas Day, report says

first_imgIn what’s become an NBA tradition, the Warriors are playing on Christmas again in 2019.They’ll host the re-vamped Houston Rockets in San Francisco’s new Chase Center, according to ESPN’s Tim McMahon.It’ll be the seventh consecutive Christmas game for the Warriors, who lost to LeBron James and the new-look Lakers last season. James went down in LA’s 127-101 victory and missed several weeks with a groin injury, sinking the Lakers’ playoff hopes. The Warriors are 3-3 in their last six …last_img read more

Evolutionary Mutualism Flutters

first_imgA story on Science Daily is decorated with a butterfly collection.  Amazonian butterflies studied by an international team were chosen to test Darwin’s theory of mutualism – a kind of symbiosis in which two species benefit one another.  The test yielded a surprise.    The idea going in was that sister species would evolve apart so as to minimize competition for scarce resources.  The work showed a surprise, however: “The work shows that some species of butterfly that live alongside one another have evolved in ways that, surprisingly, benefit both species.”  One would think they would separate or else compete.However, this is not always the case.  The researchers show that butterfly species that have evolved similar wing patterns – which act as a warning to predators that they are poisonous – are often not evolutionarily close to each other.  Thus the similarity is not due to shared ancestry but is an evolutionary adaptation.  The similar pattern benefits both species, as predators will only need to learn once to avoid the signal – ‘learn’, in this context, being a euphemism for eating a poisonous butterfly.Some of the unrelated species share the same habitat and fly at the same height, for example.  Instead of competing, they share the benefits of similar looks, the article said.  “The new paper shows that issues other than pure competition, such as protection from predators, can play an important role in evolution.” The scientists expected that the mimicry would pay benefits to the tasty species, but did not expect that both species would live alongside each other.One can look at this story as a success for Darwin or a defeat for Darwin.  It provided an evolutionary explanation for an observation, but then again, it surprised the scientists.  That is why Darwin’s theory is so successful.  His idea allows for any data, even data opposite what was expected, to score points for the theory.    The finding seems very un-Darwinian.  What happened to survival of the fittest?  Are they saying that two unrelated species in the same niche are equally fit?  What would Malthus think?  The scientists also failed to explain exactly how two unrelated species converged on the same patterns and behaviors.  Given such a bad track record, we won’t assume they know what relatedness means.(Visited 24 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Is the Universe Evolving Upward?

first_imgIt’s intuitively obvious that to get from a big bang to intelligent astronomers looking for evidence of the bang through telescopes, the amount of organization in the universe must increase over time dramatically.  Lately, astronomy has uncovered much more dynamism in space than previously recognized – but much of it seems destructive, not creative.Orion blast:  Look at the picture in this article on PhysOrg.  Something explosive happened in Orion.  It sent at least 40 stars careening outward at speeds up to 300,000 miles per hour.  They’re not sure what it was, but it had to pack a punch to fling out that much material.  “The energy in this explosive display is estimated to be as much as that from a hundred trillion suns; nothing else quite like it is known.”  The explosion is thought to have occurred just 500 years ago.    Yet the Orion Nebula is often described as a “nursery of massive stars.”  Even its rare supernovae are described with creative energy: “the birth of massive stars involves a subset of the processes that produce all stars, while their deaths, as supernovae, will scatter into space the rich mix of chemical elements made in their nuclear furnaces, elements without which life could not exist.”  The power of suggestion leaves one thinking these explosions are giving birth to highly-organized complexes of matter called living cells.Crash into life:  “Was life founded on cyanide from space crashes?” New Scientist asked.  In one sentence we have two destructive energetic things – crashes and cyanide – leading to life.  The article later spoke of “Life-giving poison.”Black holes:  Live Science wrote of black holes as “powerhouses of the universe.”  That they may be, but they are formed from the destruction of stars and result in singularities, where all information and order is lost.  What these energetic events create, if anything, is high-power cosmic rays that rip through our flesh after traveling across the universe.  “We detect some of these particles on Earth, where they still pack such a punch they can knock out electronics systems.”  The article was not trying to ascribe creative powers to black holes or cosmic rays.  It should be noted, though, that energy and organization are not one and the same.The outer limits:  One of the most energetic explosions known in space is enabling astronomers to probe the “dark ages” of the universe, reported PhysOrg.  Gamma-ray bursts are thought to occur when massive stars run out of fuel and collapse.  The rebound sends shock waves that are the most luminous events known.  The astronomers say this distant burst occurred when the universe was just 5% of its age, but involved the destruction of a star that must have been formed some other way.Cosmology enthusiasts are aware that astronomers have argued over dark matter for decades.  PhysOrg asked if we really need dark matter.  The short article entertains the minority opinion that “we are simply misinterpreting the data and that what in fact is happening is that we don’t understand gravity.”  If we don’t yet understand something as everyday as gravity, it could be judged hubristic to presume we could understand the origin of complex entities like stars and life.You may find an article posted this month in ICR Acts & Facts magazine pertinent to this discussion.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

How to Create an Original Travel Video that Will Captivate Viewers

first_imgStep 1 — Avoid Trendy TransitionsTransitions simply move the viewer from one scene to the next. But, used improperly, they begin to show the seams in the project. While some creators have made very successful careers out of using motion-driven transitions, this technique isn’t for everyone. I believe zoom, warp, and swoosh transitions have their places in specific timelines; however, excessive use will detract your audience from the intended experience.The key is motivation before movement. Emotion before motion (we will get to this later). If there is no motive behind the cinematic elements you’re adding to a scene, they won’t translate. Transitions are like salt. A little dash enhances the flavor, but too much spoils the broth.Step 2 — Avoid Influences from Other Travel VideosThe mistake I learned from a year ago is still relevant today. Instead going to other travel videos for inspiration, watch documentaries, dramas, music videos, Vimeo staff picks — basically, anything else. By diversifying what you watch, you’re changing up how your brain will come up with ideas. For example, when creating my latest across-Canada video, I drew inspiration from the double-exposure effect in the opening credits of True Detective.Step 3 — Music Is King!The right track can motivate the entire video. For me, finding a killer song to incorporate in my films before beginning the edit changes the entire creative process. Music is a good way to convey emotion, so I spend hours on end listening to either my friends’ music or selections from From there, I pick a track that eventually influences the rest of the project.Step 4 — Sound Effects Connect with Your AudienceHave you ever watched a video that was captured, composed, and edited beautifully, but it still lacked something? The issue was probably good audio. If you skip the sound design, you’re robbing the audience of auditory immersion. For example, if your video shows a waterfall, but your audience hears only music, they’re not getting the full experience. If I’ve captured shots rooted to a specific meaning, I like to apply the slightest bit of sound design to give them a kick.Step 5 — Emotion Before MotionWhen you’re starting your edit, try to remember what the experience felt like. Experience always trumps cinematic trends. I usually ask myself How did you feel when shooting this? And then I follow it with How do you want the audience to feel? Remember, the most significant, most profound films are usually those that nail the emotion corresponding to their scenes.(Tip: sometimes, when I capture scenes or moments, I’ll pull out a little pocket journal to jot down the essence of where I was. Later, I’ll reference the note to properly apply that feeling to my edit.)Looking for more video production tutorials? Check these out.How to Export with Transparency from Adobe After EffectsHow to Properly Pancake Timelines in Adobe Premiere ProVideo Tutorial: Determining The Best Lens for Your ProjectTutorial: Removing Audio Pops and Recording Audio DifferentlyHow to Change the Color of Exterior Lights in After Effects Travel videos can be a dime a dozen, so what can you do (and not do) to make your video stand out in a crowd of look-alikes?You’re back at home after your vacation. You have a hard drive full of epic, experiential shots from the trip, and you’re ready to cut the footage together. For inspiration, you check out some trendy YouTube travel videos. There’s only one small problem — they all look the same. You get quickly overwhelmed by zoom transitions, six packs, and back-flips. Your motivation dwindles, and now all you can think about is that you don’t have a six pack.This is how I felt a little over a year ago. Other than what I saw on YouTube, I didn’t know anything about travel videos. So, like most others, I fell into the internet’s creative vortex, copying a trend rather than creating something authentic.In the following post, I’ll go over how I broke free from the cliches and share how you can get your own original results.last_img read more

Did Steven Spielberg kill a dinosaur? Facebook users think so

first_imgAn image of filmmaker Steven Spielberg sitting besides a Triceratops dinosaur that was posted on Facebook as a joke has left many users furious as they thought he has actually hunted a dinosaur!The image, posted by Facebook user Jay Branscomb as a joke, shows the director on the set of 1993-hit “Jurassic Park” with a mechanical dinosaur.The caption reads: “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.”The image, posted by Facebook user Jay Branscomb as a joke, shows the director on the set of 1993-hit Jurassic Park with a mechanical dinosaur.This has led to a barrage of comments from over 33,000 Facebook users so far – apparently unaware that dinosaurs no longer exist – criticising Spielberg for the cruelty, media reports said.Some branded Spielberg an “animal killer” and decided not to watch his movies again!”I did not know that Steven Spielberg is a dinosaur hunter. I am not only outraged, but disgusted!!” posted Andrea O’Donnell Koran.”This is no sport!!” added Omega McCracken.”Seriously, those poor Triceratops. If we do not stop this, they are gonna become extinct,” one user posted.last_img read more