Zelda Plus Raspberry Pi Equals Ocarinapowered Home Automation

first_img Long before Breath of the Wild, there was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It’s one of the best games (if not the best game) ever to hit the Nintendo64, solely because it featured a freaking ocarina with phenomenal magical powers.Not really, obviously. OOT had tons going for it, but the spell songs were definitely one of the things that made the game so memorable. If you’ve ever wished you owned your very own magical musical sweet potato, you’re closer now that you might realize to making that happen.There is mysterious power in these notes… to control your smart home, that is! Thanks to one intrepid tinkerer/Zelda fanatic, you too may soon be able to experience the wonder of Link’s ocarina your everyday life.You won’t be able to magically fill bottles with milk, but you could theoretically open doors a la Zelda’s Lullaby… just like creator Allen Pan does in his YouTube video. Allen’s also cleverly linked Song of Storms to a humidifier, uses Bolero of Fire to crank up his thermostat, and Sun’s Song to brighten up the living room.One thing that makes Allen’s setup so wonderful is the fact that he’s not specifically using smart home gear. His smart lock, for example, is the fantastic hand-built thing you see down below. The black cylinder emblazoned with the iconic logo hides the brains of the operation (a Raspberry Pi) and listens for a song to be played. It responds to each note by lighting up a LED and then zap commands wirelessly to the device that needs them.Allen hasn’t posted any instructions yet, but he did tell one commenter that tutorial videos are coming. In the meantime, grab yourself another Raspberry Pi and some ESP8266 WiFi modules and prepare for a truly epic build. Rhythm Game Spin-Offs We Want After ‘Cadence of Hyrule’Fan-Made ‘Zelda’ Tabletop Game Returns You to the Wild Stay on targetlast_img read more