Teen mauled to death by several dogs

first_imgA Tennessee teenager has died from injuries she sustained in a bizarre dog attack.Adrieanna O’Shea died Friday after being hospitalized for over a week.The 19-year-old was attempting to retrieve her purse at a neighbor’s home when several dogs mauled her.A witness told authorities that she heard O’ shea screaming “Help me” and saw a neighbor’s dogs attacking her.The animals reportedly tossed her into the air, and then dragged her body toward a wooded area.Knox County sheriff’s deputies said they found O’ shea unconscious and covered in bite wounds at the scene.Deputies shot one dog and the four others were later euthanized.Police described the dogs as a mastiff, a Rottweiler-Lab mix, two mastiff-Lab mixes, and a Pitbull.The young girl reportedly dreamed of becoming a history teacher and traveling the world.The obituary Adrieanna McKenna O’Shea has been released. https://t.co/3q5vJvydgm Background: https://t.co/0KOTWn3CjC pic.twitter.com/TFzfG3Hcbs— DogsBite.org (@dogsbite) September 4, 2019 It is unclear at this time whether criminal charges will be filed in the case.last_img read more