Mechanic causes 2nd accident at Stanleytown

first_imgThe driver, who is at the centre of the investigations surrounding a Stanleytown fatal accident on February 10, 2018, was on Monday evening driving the said vehicle when it hit a pedestrian causing the man to be hospitalised.According to reports, the mechanic was behind the wheel and travelling at a fast rate on Monday evening when the man who was crossing the road was hit. The accident occurred at Main and 36 Streets, Stanleytown.The incident occurred about 600 meters from where the previous accident was. Police say they are investigating.On February 10, at Main and 47 Streets, Ramanand Pooran, also called “Pumpy”, 43, of 58 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam was crushed to death by a moving 4×4 while he was seated on the carriageway of the main access road.In the past, Pooran had to be removed from the said roadway on several occasions after either sitting or lying dangerously. According to sources, Pooran was imbibing for several hours prior to going to the spot where he sat for a few minutes before venturing onto the road where he sat.The driver, who is also a mechanic, reportedly told the Police he thought he hit a dog. The dead man’s brother had taken the driver to task over that statement.According to Ganishwar Pooran, the driver has admitted to the Police that he saw an object on the road and still hit it. “He is saying so and the Police put him on station bail two days after and the next day give him back his vehicle. Now, look what he go and do again.”The family members of the dead man are of the view that the investigation done by the Police has not been transparent. The older Pooran claims that at the accident scene, he questioned whether the Police were going to conduct a breathalyser test on the driver and was told that they did not have the necessary equipment on the scene to do so and had promised to have it done later.He told Guyana Times that when he went to the Central Police Station, he was told that the test was already conducted and that there was no alcohol found on the driver’s breath.“When I ask them to see the slip with the result they tell me that I can’t see it and I think that is wrong because it is my brother; they should give me some satisfaction if they say it is zero,” he argued.Meanwhile, he told this newspaper that the Police removed the body from the New Amsterdam Hospital Mortuary and took it to the Port Mourant Hospital Mortuary for the post-mortem examination the very day the pathologist was conducting examinations at the New Amsterdam Hospital Mortuary.“More than that, they make us pay the cost to take the body to Port Mourant. I think they wanted to do the post-mortem where we could go and see it and get to talk to the doctor.”Pooran’s body was said to have had multiple fractures.“The leg smash up, they had to wrap it in plastic to hold it straight. They had to put cardboard around the body to put it in order and stuff it with cotton wool because it would be flat,” one of the brothers who witnessed the autopsy reported to this publication.“If he was going slow he couldn’t do all that damage,” Pooran concluded.“And the Police are covering this up, when I asked the Corporal a few questions, he turn and tell me that he does normally drunk and lie down on the road so who I bothering them now.”“The Police who investigating the accident tell me that he does be begging for cigarette and run all over the place so let me don’t bother him. These Police acting like the man pay them so they not concerned with this family,” he said.Police have reported that the file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice.last_img read more