Nexus 7 Moto X Chromecast and Legos on Geekout 16

first_imgWith all the news coming from Google this week, it’s not hard to guess what the theme of this week’s Geekout is going to be!What was expected to be a fairly low key announcement from Google, largely due to the belief that most of the news regarding Android 4.3 and the Nexus 7 had already been leaked out to the world, turned out to be an exciting reveal for Chromecast and Google Games. Google’s third attempt at putting their products inside your television have been met with a great deal of excitement, especially once the $35 HDMI stick started showing up on shelves and arriving at doorsteps earlier than expected. With such a low barrier to entry, anyone with WiFi and access to the Chrome browser can take advantage of this new hardware.The new Nexus 7, and its shiny new flavor of Android, are going to be hitting shelves in a few days. Google has bumped up the hardware in all the right places for this new version of their 7-inch tablet, with a new focus on landscape orientation. With the logo horizontally positioned across the back and the speakers at the center of the narrow edges, it is clear that the device is meant to be held with two hands in landscape. It still works just fine in portrait view, like the original Nexus 7, but the new design suggests the position Google thinks you should use the tablet.We were fortunate enough to be joined by GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel this week, who on top of sharing his thoughts on the Google announcement, talked for a bit about the upcoming Moto X. We’ve learned that the new Droid family of phones for Verizon Wireless are very similar in some aspects to the soon-to-be-released Motorola flagship, but there’s still quite a few questions left to be answered. One of the more curious things from the Droid announcement was the confusing language used in describing the processor used in these new phones, which we’ve been told will also be in the new Moto X. The X8 is described as an octo-core computer system, and while we didn’t find it to be that exactly, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about what this hardware will be capable of.If you’d like to join us on our weekly Geekouts, or if you’ve got a topic you’d like us to talk about on next week’s broadcast, leave us a message here or on our Google+ page.last_img read more