Variety of topics discussed at legislative update

first_imgGreensburg, IN—The Greensburg Decatur County Chamber of Commerce played host along with Decatur County REMC to a legislative update on Saturday.  Representatives Randy Frye and Cindy Ziemke along with State Senators Jean Leising and Chip Perfect were in attendance and each spoke on the work they have been doing in the 2020 legislative session. Sen. Perfect spoke to us about a bill he is working to get passed in regard to minors and employment laws.  The bill would allow children age 16-18 to work 40 hours a week instead of at the current law of 30 hours per week during the school year.  If passed it would also change how late children 14-18 years old would be allowed to work during the school year and in the summer. Sen. Leising stated she feels health care topics will be a priority today in session.  Leising stated she was surprised that no one asked questions in regards to “surprise billing” or billing transparency when it comes to health care.  She and others in both the House and Senate have both passed versions of this and will review for final voted to become a bill.  Leising also has questions on the iLearn test in the Indiana schools. She is concerned that no one can really answer whether the iLearn test is a bad test, or if Indiana youth truly are struggling with development with a score of 37% overall.  Today is the last day to hear bills in their 3rd reading and be passed before they move to the House and Senate, depending on where they started.last_img read more