ATT announces data throttling in advance of iPhone 5 launch

first_imgIt’s no secret that AT&T had one or two problems coping with the strain placed on its cellular network by data-hungry iPhone users. According to a release from the company back in April, data usage in 2010 soared to levels 8,000 times those in 2007. To make matters worse, accusations surfaced that AT&T was contributing to its own problems — and over-billing its customers at the same time as a result of mysterious “late night” data.With the launch of the iPhone 5 rumored to be coming later this year (September?), it looks as though AT&T has a new plan on how to deal with increased load on its network. Like competitors Verizon and Virgin Mobile, AT&T plans to introduce strict throttling rules. They’ll go into effect in October, and will put the clamps on any users who exceed AT&T’s prescribed data threshold.Why October? Some sites around the web are speculating that the final date will line up rather nicely with the launch of Apple’s as-yet-unleaked iPhone 5.So what happens if you cross the bandwidth boundary? You’ll be throttled back for a full billing cycle. AT&T hasn’t released specific numbers just yet, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Virgin’s lead followed. Beyond 2.5 gigs, you’re knocked down to a maximum speed of 256Kb/s. That’s a fraction of what your 4G device can handle, though it’s still nearly as good as what some of us survive on over a DSL connection every day.But who knows, maybe AT&T wouldn’t even have to implement throttling if it was allowed to go ahead with those T-Mobile merger plans.More at 9 to 5 Maclast_img read more