What to expect from the 126 Xbox 360 dashboard update

first_imgThe long wait for an updated look and feel to your Xbox 360 dashboard is almost over. Microsoft has announced the new Metro dashboard will go live on December 6th, and will be free for all users to install. Along with the improved visuals, there are some new goodies being included in the update, especially if you have a Kinect.Redmond is continuing to move forward on its goal to turn the Xbox 360 into a true all-in-one media streaming box. The theory being that if it can keep a user inside the Xbox 360 ecosystem, then it can capture the revenue to be generated from watching and listening to content. In this vein, Xbox Live TV is included in the download, allowing Gold members to watch live and premium programming.Having announced that users can watch content from channels like SyFy it was also mentioned that some 39 other content providers had signed up, with a few committed to creating interactivity with Kinect. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them can come up with a creative way to integrate the motion detecting device for more than just channel surfing. Even if the Kinect integration does not happen, it’s feasible to think that people will be taking advantage of the Black Friday deals on the Xbox with the intent of using it for all their media needs.But the perks don’t stop there. Many gamers are excited that there are some features arriving that will allow a user to interact with the menu system using a Kinect device. Xbox 360 players will be able to use their voices to search the internet with Bing and browse other websites. This will certainly increase the usability instead of having to type in a letter at a time. Along with this, a player will be able to push and slide menus, which while not a new concept, is certainly welcome.As far as social integration, Xbox Beacons are going live with the ability for a user to set a flag on a game they want to play with others, which will then notify people in the users friend list so they can set up a game. This should make it easier for you to locate and play games with your real life friends on Live.As a side note, this update will also seek to close holes that have been exploited for piracy as well as detecting those that have hacked their boxes in an effort to ban them from live. Expect a pretty broad ban hammer come the first week of December!via Winrumorslast_img read more