Xbox One wont launch across Asia for 18 months

first_imgIt looks as though Microsoft has decided the focus for Xbox One is going to be the US and Europe come November. Although the console is going to be ready to launch in November for those regions, Asia won’t be getting Xbox One until late 2014.When I say Asia, I mean Hong Kong, India, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Microsoft has yet to even confirm a release date for Japan. That may be because it now views Japan as a difficult market due to the struggles it has faced there with previous console launches, and therefore plans to launch there later, possibly when the inevitably popular PS4 launch window has closed.Confirmation of a late 2014 launch comes direct from Microsoft and Alan Bowman, regional VP for sales and marketing there. It does seem strange to wait so long to release in what is a growing market, but then Microsoft has always been focused on US and Europe first with its consoles. The key role TV will play for Xbox One may also have something to do with this decision.After yesterday’s E3 events Sony has clearly come out on top in terms of winning favor with gamers ahead of the PS4’s launch. Finding out today that it will have the Japanese market to itself for a while will just be icing on the cake for the company.The Xbox One pre-order is already available on read more