The Wrong Side of Biology

first_imgUnited Families Intern. 25 June 2014“You’re on the wrong side of history” is the comment often directed at individuals who stand in opposition to the same-sex behavior, same-sex marriage, and the transgender-advocacy juggernaut that is trying to steamroll the country.  But those who desire to create a genderless, “sexually-fluid” society have yet to face this reality:  They are on the wrong side of biology.Have we gone mad or are we just “genderally crazy?”   A quick perusal of recent news stories does give one pause.1.  U.S. Health and Human Services board rules transgender Medicare recipients can seek coverage for sex-change surgeryNow tax-payers will be required to pay for a man or a woman to surgically mutilate their body in their quest to achieve a sex or “gender identity” that doesn’t align with the body parts they were born with. (Translation: A man wants to become a woman or vice-verse.) In a day and age where military veterans are dying as they await much needed medical care and surgeries, it is particularly galling that taxpayers are being required to pay for someone to dramatically disfigure their body.Following Health and Human Services’ “gender” logic, tax payers should also pay for the person who is bulimic or anorexic (both genuine mental health challenges) to have liposuction and other fat reduction surgeries. My guess is that you’re already thinking of other similar examples.But what of the transgender patients themselves? What about their well-being; are we really helping them?With the exception of a very rare few, people are born either male or female with the chromosomes and body parts to match, with the rare deviations being diagnosed and treated when a child is very young.   But for those caught up in the “gender identity” revolution, modern medical technology might come close to approximating exterior genitalia, but it can never change the fact that every cell in that same body and brain knows that it came in to existence with either an XX or an XY chromosome designation. Good luck with changing that.2.  San Diego parents reveal story of transgender son who became boy at Age FiveThis particular story had, and still has, people buzzing. Parents allowed their daughter, Ryland, to “change her gender,” at age five no less, and then allowed the child to be a pawn in a media frenzy of LGBT advocacy.As one commentator notes:“Because the parents chose to publicly splash Ryland’s NAME and FACE all over the public sphere, there is little chance that she will be able to function in anonymity or normality. She will forever be known as the “transgender child”. She will attract all the praise and negativity that comes with it.This very public fact will make it even harder for Ryland to discover for herself who she really is without the public or her family pressuring her to be one way or the other.Again I find this whole thing very sad. And I really think the parents should be ashamed of themselves, not for indulging her to be a boy, per say, but for exploiting her ordeal and using her to get their 15 minutes of fame.”3.     Ohio College Considering Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training For Athletics DepartmentOberlin College’s Athletics Department is considering “mandatory transgender sensitivity training for all of its staff and coaches.” Makes you wonder how many transgender individuals they’re planning to recruit!Seems the Transgender Participation Advisory Committee is recommending the college makes these changes as a “sort of 101” on gender. Here’s one of the committee’s recommendations:“…replace ‘FTM’ (female-to-male and ‘MTF’ (male-to-female) with ‘a transgender student- hormone replacement therapy related to gender transition’.”So what should have been a simple one word definition (male or female) now requires a 21-word definition.  It must be mentioned, too, that Facebook now offers, in their profile section, a menu thatincludes 57 gender choices.4.  Transgendered Student to play on Women’s Softball TeamIn California, a male high school student who now presents as a female is being allowed to play on a high school woman’s sports team – a trend that is picking up momentum around the country. Yet, the biological fact is that men have vastly different muscle mass, structure and weight that in physical activities give them an unfair advantage when competing against women.  Most people would understand the innate unfairness of allowing men to play on women’s sports teams.  But that seems to not matter to those who trying to social engineer society.When this obvious inequity is pointed out, the rationalization and justification is “No problem.   Many transgender individuals are placed on hormone blockers at or before puberty to prevent the physical manifestations of their biological sex.”  Yes, you read that correctly.  Their answer is to pump children full of hormones and hope for the best.  No mention or acknowledgement is made of any of the physical side effects of immense quantities of hormones over a lifetime.  As many experts have pointed out; this is child abuse.5.  Non-Discrimination Ordinances on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/ExpressionOne of the seminal features of these highly controversial ordinances is the component that is often referred to as a “bathroom bill.”  If a non-discrimination ordinance with a “public accommodation” clause is passed in your community, any male who claims to feel that they are a female can enter your wife or daughter’s dressing or shower area – and there is nothing that you can do to stop it.  This is not conjecture; this is fact.  You can read about these incidents here and here.The fact is that this ordinances throw wide the door to not only transgender individuals, but also to any sexually predatory male who wishes to gain access to women’s dressing areas and bathrooms  – prompting many to call rightly call these ordinances “Sexual Predator Protection Acts.”“Collaborating with madness”Dr. Paul McHugh, former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital, speaks clearly on the issue of transgenderism and sex-reassignment surgery in a recent article that he wrote for the Wall Street Journal.“Policy makers and the media are doing no favors either to the public or the transgendered by treating their confusions as a right in need of defending rather than as a mental disorder that deserves understanding, treatment and prevention.”Dr. McHugh is a very courageous man to take such a public stance exposing the ethical, moral and medical fallacies of forcing this type of “gender identity” fiction upon society.  Dr. McHugh continues:“Then there is the subgroup of very young, often prepubescent children who notice distinct sex roles in the culture and, exploring how they fit in, begin imitating the opposite sex. Misguided doctors at medical centers including Boston’s Children’s Hospital have begun trying to treat this behavior by administering puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgeries less onerous—even though the drugs stunt the children’s growth and risk causing sterility. Given that close to 80% of such children would abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated, these medical interventions come close to child abuse. A better way to help these children: with devoted parenting.At the heart of the problem is confusion over the nature of the transgendered. “Sex change” is biologically impossible. People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”ConclusionThose who struggle with gender identity confusion, a diagnosable disorder, deserve compassion, support, and treatment.  But history will not judge kindly those who are attempting to fundamentally change society in their quest to give credence to a destructive ideology that insists that we must create a genderless society while ignoring biology and reality.The concluding irony is that all of these changes are being forced upon the population on behalf of about of .003 percent of the adult population – this number comes from UCLA’s Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy.  And, the worst part is that we’re all, 99.997 percent of us, being required to participate in this “gender identity” fiction. read more

Syracuse football hires Asil Mulbah as director of recruiting

first_img Related Stories Syracuse football adds 4 members to its support staffSyracuse football director of recruiting operations Eric White will reportedly take player personnel job at MarylandScott Shafer hired as defensive coordinator at MarylandSyracuse football recruiting: Dino Babers will prioritize northeast talentDino Babers injects optimism into Syracuse football, even if it’s just for now Published on January 11, 2016 at 8:41 am Contact Chris: [email protected] | @ChrisLibonati Facebook Twitter Google+center_img Asil Mulbah has been hired as Syracuse’s new director of recruiting, according to an SU Athletics release. He comes over from Wake Forest, where he served as the director of high school relations.Mulbah replaces former Director of Recruiting Eric White, who reportedly took a player personnel job at Maryland. Former SU head coach Scott Shafer is also now at UMD as the Terrapins’ defensive coordinator.“Asil has done an outstanding job of establishing contacts with high school coaches from across the country,” Syracuse head coach Dino Babers said in the release. “He got his feet wet in this conference at Wake Forest. Now he’s coming to Syracuse to be the leader of our #OrangeIsTheNewFast recruiting program.”In Babers’ introductory press conference on Dec. 7, he made a point of saying Syracuse would lock up local talent.Mulbah has ties to Bowling Green, where he served as the assistant academic coordinator/offensive quality control coach and assistant director of player personnel from 2010-12. For a short time, he left for the Jacksonville Jaguars where he was a player personnel scouting assistant. He assisted then-general manager Gene Smith with NFL scouting evaluations.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textAfter a six-month stint in the NFL, Mulbah returned to Bowling Green where he was the assistant director of football operations in 2012 and the director of player personnel in 2013 under head coach Dave Clawson.When Clawson left for Wake Forest, Mulbah followed, assuming his position as director of high school relations.Mulbah joins Roy Wittke (director of football player development), Brad Wittke (director of football operations), Sean Edinger (assistant athletic director for athletic performance for football) and Jeff Sobol (assistant strength and conditioning coach for football) as new hires on SU’s support staff. Syracuse announced their hirings nearly a week ago. Commentslast_img read more

PT Usha honoured with IAAF Veteran Pin, ex-athlete shows gratitude

first_img Digital Desk SUBSCRIBE TO US Usha is one of the greatest sprinters to have come out of India, often called the “queen of track and field”. She won five gold medals — 100m, 200m, 400m, 400m hurdles, and the 4x400m relay — besides a bronze at the 1985 Asian Games in Jakarta. Her most memorable performance came in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics where she became the first Indian to reach the finals of the 400m hurdles but lost the bronze by one-hundredth of a second. READ | WWE SmackDown match 1 result: Erick Rowan takes down Daniel BryanPT Usha congratulates PV SindhuEarlier, the retired Indian track and field athlete PT Usha had congratulated  PV Sindhu with a heartwarming social media post. She shared a throwback picture of her with the shuttler where a very young PV Sindhu can be seen sitting on her lap. Sharing the picture on Twitter PT Usha wrote, “The passion and dedication for the sport will always be rewarded when hard work comes into play.”Further extending congratulatory greetings, PT Usha said that PV Sindhu’s success will inspire generations to come. This throwback picture was posted by PT Usha after Sindhu had emerged triumphant in the World Championships as she became the first Indian shutter to win the gold medal. Expressing my deep gratitude towards @iaaforg and President @sebcoe for awarding me the Veteran Pin at the 52nd IAAF conference in Doha. I look forward to continually contributing to the growth of athletics in our [email protected] #IAAFDoha2019— P.T. USHA (@PTUshaOfficial) September 25, 2019 Indian track and field legend P T Usha was on Wednesday presented the Veteran Pin by the world athletics governing body, in recognition of her contribution to the growth of the sport. IAAF chief Sebastian Coe presented her the Veteran Pin during the 52nd IAAF Congress. She was one of three persons from Asia to receive the honour. READ | WWE SmackDown: Kevin Owens to fight Shane McMahon, winner stays in WWEPT Usha expresses her gratitudePT Usha took to twitter to express her gratitude at the honour. WE RECOMMEND WATCH US LIVE Last Updated: 25th September, 2019 18:56 IST PT Usha Honoured With IAAF Veteran Pin, Ex-athlete Shows Gratitude PT Usha was presented the Veteran Pin by the world athletics governing body. This was in recognition of Usha’s contribution to the growth of the sport. First Published: 25th September, 2019 18:56 IST READ | IAAF World Championships 2019: PU Chitra to compete in Women’s 1500MREAD | Sports Minister snubs WFI proposal to make wrestling ‘national sport'(With PTI Inputs) COMMENT The passion and dedication for the sport will always be rewarded when hardwork comes into play. @Pvsindhu1 success will inspire generations to come!Hefty congratulations on winning the Gold at #BWFWorldChampionships2019 🇮🇳— P.T. USHA (@PTUshaOfficial) August 25, 2019 Written By FOLLOW US LIVE TV 1 year ago Sania Mirza’s posters carry PT Usha’s name in major goof-up in AP 11 months ago Sourav Ganguly has a controversial take on when MS Dhoni should retirelast_img read more

Sidney Crosby named MVP as Metropolitan Division wins NHL All-Star Game tournament

first_imgCLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile deviceSAN JOSE — Sidney Crosby will never be considered a fan favorite inside the walls of SAP Center, not after he hoisted the Stanley Cup on the arena’s ice surface less than three years ago when the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Sharks in six games for hockey’s holy grail.Saturday, he was given another award in front of thousands of fans in teal, a new car, as he was named the NHL All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player for …last_img read more

Intelligent Design Is Leading Biology’s Golden Age

first_imgLook at a natural design. Seek to understand it. Seek to imitate it. Biology advances.Despite all the talk about Darwinism, it’s intelligent design that is really advancing biology.  Here are examples.Cell-free protein synthesis is potential lifesaver (Science Daily): Scientists have studied protein synthesis in ribosomes for decades now, and that knowledge of how nature builds proteins could pay off big time.  The potential for artificially manufactured proteins is enormous: “Making these miniature factories cell-free, which eliminates the maintenance of a living system, simplifies the process and lowers cost.” An example is helping soldiers on the battlefield with life-saving proteins.Snake robot range-sensing control system avoids tail-end collisions (PhysOrg): Make like a snake and save lives. These robot designers invented a robot that imitates a snake’s slithering crawl, and think it will help in search-and-rescue operations.Snake bellies help scientists get a grip (PhysOrg): Curious about how snakes seem to climb and crawl anywhere, another team is considering the adhesive properties of snake skin. To imitate it, you first have to understand it. “Acquiring a better understanding for how flat-bellied species like the brown tree snakes lodge their keeled ridge against protrusions and secure themselves in place during climbing could help lead Jayne and others toward many practical applications for biology, mechanics and engineering.”Learning immortality from the hydra (Live Science): The hydra, a tiny, simple organism that lives in the water, can regrow its parts when cut off. Made up mostly of stem cells, it seems to be immortal. A researcher at Pomona College is intrigued; could we learn the secrets of aging by studying this little creature? “I do believe that an individual hydra can live forever under the right circumstances,” he said.Antireflective Coating: Sugar-based carbon hollow spheres that mimic moth eyes (Science Daily): The subtitle sums up this discovery: “They are not to eat, but this insect-inspired ordered monolayer of hollow carbon spheres may be a new, green and extremely lightweight antireflective coating that almost perfectly absorbs microwave radiation.”The eyes of moths are covered with a periodic, hexagonal pattern of tiny bumps smaller than the wavelength of the incident light. They act as a continuous refractive index gradient, allowing the moths to see at night and avoid nocturnal predators, like the bat. The physiology also makes the moth eye one of the most effective antireflective coatings in nature. Blue-green algae efficient in ‘harvesting’ light (PhysOrg): Researchers would sure like to imitate this. “Cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, have an ingenious system to prepare themselves for the coming daylight when it is dark by setting up a large ‘antenna’.” The key to application is understanding, which would have “enormous value” for the world:“Enhancing the photosynthesis of our crops is as important as the Green Revolution has been” says Eric Schranz, professor in Biosystematics. “To achieve this improvement we need new and very detailed information about the possibilities which nature provides. This new knowledge is therefore a major breakthrough.”Leaf-mimicking device harnesses light to purify water (Science Daily): Understanding both photosynthesis and transpiration is teaching scientists how to purify water by harnessing solar energy. This could help a billion people who live in areas of water scarcity.Study shows how calcium carbonate forms composites to make strong materials such as in shells and pearls (PhysOrg): Shells are made of the same stuff as chalk. Why are they so hard to break? It’s the composition of calcium carbonate with proteins, this article explains. Both “beautiful and functional,” shells of oysters are giving scientists “pearls of wisdom.” Did you know you have the same material inside your ears?Calcium carbonate is one of the most important materials on earth, crystallizing into chalk, shells, and rocks. Animals from mollusks to people use calcium carbonate to make biominerals such as pearls, seashells, exoskeletons, or the tiny organs in ears that maintain balance. These biominerals include proteins or other organic matter in the crystalline matrix to convert the weak calcium carbonate to hard, durable materials.Biofilter made from peanut shell degrades air pollutants (Science Daily): Last month, we found peanuts being used to make bullet-proof vests (12/14/15). Now, another article talks about peanuts cleaning the air. “In order to clean the air of pollutants such as methanol and solvents used in various industries, a biotechnology expert designed a biofilter that uses microorganisms living in the shell of the peanut.” The researcher plans to teach poor students in Mexico how to use this simple technique. In this way, a waste product can be turned to healthy use.In each of these stories, scientists were inspired by design solutions in plants and animals. They first had to understand how nature does it, then they gained understanding that inspired useful applications. Biomimetics, based on design thinking, is one of the hottest trends in science, despite all the talk about how nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.Don’t let evolution take credit (8/24/07). This is intelligent design leading biology into a golden age of understanding and practical benefit for people.(Visited 23 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

The “Population Bomb” Bombed

first_imgThe Book Inspired by Darwinism that Triggered a Wave of Repression Around the World by Jerry Bergman, PhDIn 1968, the “year’s most important book,” what Greg Garrard[1] called a neo-Malthusian classic, The Population Bomb, by Stanford University Professor Paul Ehrlich, “made dire predictions and triggered a wave of repression around the world.”[2] Authored by an evolutionary biologist known for his “groundbreaking studies of the co-evolution of flowering plants and butterflies,” it became a best seller, and turned the author into a celebrity.[3] The book “would become one of the most influential books of the 20th century.”[4]Ehrlich’s conclusion was announced in the first sentence:“The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in the world death rate.”[5]In the end, the book and the movement it birthed “fueled an anti-population-growth crusade that led to human rights abuses around the world.”[6]Marketplace in Fiji (DFC)Although Malthusian ideas, such as those presented by Ehrlich, continue to influence scholars today, for several reasons his theory failed in the 1960s and 1970s and has continued to fail up to the present. Ehrlich, inspired by Thomas Malthus and a disciple of Malthus named William Vogt who penned several books in the late 1960s, predicted massive famines as a result of population increases.[7] Vogt, in his best-selling book titled The Road to Survival, argued in no uncertain terms that current population increase trends would result in future wars, hunger, disease and civilization collapses. Likewise, Ehrlich also argued that hundreds of millions of persons would die from the overpopulation crisis that he and other leading biologists expected to occur in the 1970s unless birth control and abortion were widely applied to the population, or if necessary forced on the population.[8]Ehrlich envisioned that, by 1995, a horrific future awaited humans including the starvation of millions, or even billions, of people. His many best-selling books in which he endeavored to document this dire future, besides The Population Bomb (1968), included Population, Resources, Environment: Issues in Human Ecology (1970, with Anne Ehrlich); The End of Affluence (1974, with Anne Ehrlich) and The Population Explosion (1990, with Anne Ehrlich).Ehrlich’s Ideas ProliferatePaul R. Ehrlich in 1974 at the height of his celebrityEhrlich also was able to reach millions on several television appearances, such as the NBC Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in February of 1970 and numerous times afterward.[9] In response to Vogt’s and Ehrlich’s ideas, the first Director-General of UNESCO, Julian Huxley, in his Evolutionary Humanism, called for a radical government-enforced world population control policy.[10] Huxley and Ehrlich openly criticized both the communist and the Roman Catholic positions on birth control, and especially on abortion, as well as on their skepticism for a need for strict governmental enforced population control to avoid disaster.All of his predictions have now failed and his work “has been proven spectacularly wrong.” The problem now is the decline of the population in many countries!Another example of applied Malthusianism is the 1972 book The Limits to Growth published by the Club of Rome, and the Global 2000 report completed for the then President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. Science-fiction author Isaac Asimov, reflecting the works of Charles Darwin, Robert Malthus and Professor Paul Ehrlich, also got on board and issued many appeals for government-mandated population control programs.Dr Bergman shows how Darwinism has corrupted everything it touches.The negative results from overpopulation propaganda included policies that required forced or coerced sterilization of millions living “in unsafe conditions, in Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.”[11] In the end, over “eight million men and women were sterilized in 1975 alone . . . . China adopted a ‘one child’ policy that lead to huge numbers—possibly 100 million—of coerced abortions, often in poor conditions contributing to infections and even death.”[12]Ehrlich Proved WrongIn spite of his predictions, there was no net increase in the death rate around the world due to famine as a result of the conditions Ehrlich predicted. Actually, accordingly to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, famine has become rarer around the world, from 1 out of 4 suffering from hunger to 1 out of 10 today. These statistics are more impressive in view of the fact that the world’s population has more than doubled since Ehrlich’s prediction was made. Although starvation claimed 4 to 5 million lives during the 1970s, most of the deaths were due to warfare, rather than from “environmental exhaustion from over-population” as Ehrlich warned.[13]All of his predictions have now failed and his work “has been proven spectacularly wrong.”[14] The problem now is the decline of the population in many countries! In the United States, the replacement level was 2.1 lifetime children per woman, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of the year ending in September 2017, shows the total fertility rate is now 1.77 lifetime births per woman. This is unsustainable; if not reversed, it will lead to population loss.Why Malthus Proved WrongBefore Malthus, commentators regarded high fertility as an economic advantage because it increased the number of workers. Malthus, however, convinced most economists that, even though high fertility might increase the gross economic output, it tended to reduce the per capita output, because food production increases linearly, but population increases exponentially (5 June 2007). Even during Malthus’ lifetime, the many major problems with his fake-math theory soon became obvious. Malthus had correctly diagnosedwhat economists now call the “Malthusian Trap”­­–– that as population rose, personal income levels decreased. This was true in England, but only until about 1800. When Malthus wrote his Essay on Population in 1798, real wages had been stagnant or declining for generations . . . . But after 1800 the facts told a different story. By the . . . early 1830s . . . personal income was increasing even as the population grew.[15]The reasons why geometric population growth in the 20th century did not result in a Malthusian catastrophe as Malthus expected include greater labor specialization and major capital investment that resulted in large agricultural production improvements. Other improvements included the use of fertilizers and petrochemical pesticides to control crop pests, mechanization (tractors and combines), and the introduction of high-yield farm crop varieties. Humans have also learned how to exploit past solar income — fossil fuels — to greatly increase agricultural production by producing electricity to pump water for irrigation.One of the most critical innovations was the 1840s discovery by the German Justus von Liebig that nitrogen was a central factor in causing plant growth. Liebig then learned how to synthesize the bio-available form of nitrogen, nitrate, and is thus called the “father” of the fertilizer revolution.[16]The second critical development was in the early 1900s when Chemist Fritz Haber developed a process to synthesize fertilizer by using high temperatures to combine hydrogen derived from methane with atmospheric nitrogen.[17] The energy-intensive Haber-Bosch process is now used throughout the world to fixate atmospheric nitrogen to produce low-cost artificial fertilizers. All of these developments have now largely negated Malthus’ major thesis.Corel Pro PhotosAs a result, though seemingly logical, the Malthusian premise has been falsified. Zubin, in a chapter titled “The Data That Proves Malthus Wrong,” reviews world population growth data plotted against GDP per capita growth, documenting how crop production has historically outstripped population growth. The data also show thatwith the right political and social conditions, men’s inventiveness, creativity, collaboration, and innovation actually accelerate the production of food and other resources as population increases, rather than deplete them . . . . Food production in the past few decades has grown exponentially, and . . . new technologies have replaced the need for scarce or outdated resources.[18]An increased supply of labor produced a situation like this story used by Malthus critics, while both the hawk and man eat chickens, the more hawks, the fewer the chickens, but more men usually means more chickens.[19] Even the late editor of the leading science magazine, Nature, John Maddox, regarded Malthus as a failed prophet.[20]Ehrlich in 2008. He received many awards from leftist organizations. He has never repudiated his views.The situation today is that food has actually improved.[21] Despite the world population doubling between 1960 and 2000, calories produced per day, per capita, has globally increased by 23 percent during this same period. Furthermore, as any restaurant worker knows, about half of all food grown today is wasted for various reasons due to high crop yields destroyed by waste, government programs for price control, and other reasons. If the waste were reduced, the Earth could easily support a much larger population than exists today.Another factor is that, in many areas, including Europe, Japan, Canada, and the United States, the birth rate is now below replacement level, which is about 2.1 children per family. Some nations now actually use financial incentives to encourage larger families to help maintain their population level. These programs have had very limited success, and immigration now appears to be the only way many countries can maintain their current population level.Ehrlich’s  Aggressive Opposition to CreationismEhrlich critic Benjamin Shapiro entered UCLA at sixteen, graduated summa cum laude in June 2004 and went on to graduate from Harvard University Law School cum laude in 2007. In response to Ehrlich’s opinion that  “American neoconservatives promote creationism because, as their own statements reveal, they apparently fear an educated population and see the theory of evolution as a threat,” Shapiro wondered if it ever occurred toEhrlich that perhaps many neoconservatives believe in the word of God? Probably not, since Ehrlich believes conservatives are out to lynch blacks and enslave the poor. Teaching creation science is foolish, professors believe. “They could just as well talk about Kumulipo,” the Hawaiian creation chant, scoffs Professor Pauline Chinn of the University of Hawaii. “Creationism isn’t science, it’s faith,” nods Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology Professor Gerald Fryer. “The big lie is that there’s something to (creationism),” sneers Professor Victor Stenger, also of the University of Hawaii.[22]Ehrlich’s Persecution of Grad Student Erville ClarkThis indicates the attitude of Ehrlich toward evolution critics. One good example of how negative Ehrlich is toward creationists includes the case of Erville Clark, a former student of Ehrlich when he was teaching at Stanford. Professor Erville Clark, in spite of his above-average qualifications that earned him an excellent academic record, was denied his Ph.D. in biology at Stanford University. He was finally able to complete his doctorate at Oregon State University. The department chair there, in evaluating Clark’s admission papers, contacted Stanford and learned that Mr. Clark was denied the Ph.D. because he was a creationist. Professor Ronald Numbers comments that this case involved the dirty tricks common in academia against creationists. In recounting the bitter incident, Clark expressed the conclusion that much of the reason was Ehrlich’s disdain for Clark’s anti-evolution views, writing that, early in his doctoral program, Clarkhad taken a course on evolution with Paul R. Ehrlich (b. 1932), from whom he received a B [grade]. Later, when Clark attempted to defend his dissertation on the ecology of a single county in northern California, Ehrlich zeroed in, quizzing him on ecology around the world, about which the young biologist admittedly knew relatively little. From what he later learned, four of the five committee members voted to pass him, but the department required a unanimous decision. The next year he retook the examination with the same results, which led to automatic termination.[23]Numbers continued, addingDetermined to earn the doctorate his father never possessed, Clark later enrolled in a general science program at Oregon State University, from which he received a Ph.D. in 1971 for a dissertation on radiation biology.[24]It is clear that one member of his Ph.D. committee—namely, the man whose scientific prediction was “spectacularly wrong”—made sure that Clark would fail his oral exams. Letters from Stanford about this case in my file expressed open intolerance against creationists, and Clark specifically. In an interview with Dr. Ehrlich about this case, Wirth reported Ehrlich claimed the Ph.D. was not denied due to Clark’s beliefs, then later Ehrlich exclaimed, well “would you grant a Ph.D. to a creationist?”[25]Dr Bergman has published 3 books of true stories of careers ruined by Darwin bigots.Now 86 years old, Dr. Ehrlich is the Bing Professor of Population Studies of the Department of Biology of Stanford University and president of Stanford’s Center for Conservation Biology. He still writes books on evolution.SummaryThe modern “population bomb” ideology movement began in 1968, largely because of a book by Paul Ehrlich. He relied heavily on the ideas of Thomas Malthus, on which Darwin also based his evolution theory of competition for resources and survival of the fittest (see “Malthus misled Darwin who misled the world,” 30 April 2014). Both Ehrlich and Malthus have proved to be “spectacularly wrong,” especially in the last century (13 May 2016). The doomsday predictions Ehrlich made have, fortunately, largely failed to come to pass. But they also proved to be socially disastrous, resulting in large-scale negation of human rights that Ehrlich’s ideas promulgated. These programs caused a great deal of harm to society, leading to millions of abortions, particularly of female babies in China, and violations of human rights. Abortions and sterilizations also increased in the United States, India, China, and many other nations. The full story of the harm of Ehrlich’s ideas has yet to be told, and this paper is a start.References[1] Garrard, 2011, p. 96.[2] Mann, 2018, p 86.[3] Mann, 2018, p. 86.[4] Mann, 2018, p. 86.[5] Ehrlich, 1968, Prologue, p. xi.[6] Mann, 2018, p. 86.[7] Lopez, 2012, p. 50.[8] Bergman, 2015. 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Behind Facebook’s Campaign to Delete False Likes

first_imgFacebook has launched an ambitious program to remove phony likes. Indeed, a substantial percentage of likes on the site are dubious, experts say. The trick for the social network is to delete false ones without doing away with legitimate likes, which would alienate members and advertisers.False likes are often placed by phony accounts set up to pimp like-hungry brands or by bots that hijack a legitimate account. Facebook can profit from them, since high numbers of likes encourage ad buyers to spend money on the site, but illegitimate likes also cast doubt among investors that the company can deliver stable growth. Facebook is attacking the problem at a time when stakes are growing to deliver likes to a brand.Facebook declined to discuss how it is eliminating fake likes, for fear of tipping off spammers. Its method likely hinges on pattern recognition. “Facebook has access to a lot of data,” said Chris Weber, cofounder of the cybersecurity firm Casaba. “They can recognize a great number of patterns, and can very likely use behavioral statistics to qualify what activity looks normal and real versus what activity that looks fake or automated.” Facebook has announced that the program is likely to eliminate no more than 1% of likes on any given page. However, it could axe as much as 25% of likes, according to Tom Corson-Knowles, an online marketer who consults with small-business owners on ways to promote products on social networks. Corson-Knowles bases his estimate on his contacts with thousands of so-called virtual assistants – essentially freelance social marketers – who typically offer clients 1,000 likes for about $25. “One thing all of these virtual assistants have in common is a large number of fake profiles that they use,” he said. “The average virtual assistant I’ve seen who does Facebook marketing has at least five Facebook accounts.”Such deals have proven irresistible to marketers. “Business owners jump on the chance” to get hundreds of likes, said Jayme Pretzloff, online marketing director for Minneapolis-based Wixon Jewelers, “but they don’t realize the repercussions of doing this. Facebook has already cracked down on this by changing its Newsfeed rankings based on engagement.” Companies’ strong engagement with their fans will appear more often in their fans’ feeds, he adds.Any cleanup must be exacting. A central concern of this effort is that Facebook participants will react angrily to the deletion of likes that they have placed. On Thursday morning, Facebook issued a statement saying it had received no reports of legitimate likes being removed.But eliminating likes at all is perilous because they are essential to attracting advertiser dollars. “It’s not in Facebook’s best interest to proactively solve this problem,” Corson-Knowles said. “Facebook’s revenue is directly proportionate to the number of page views the site gets, and banning 1 percent of users who are deemed bots will cost the company a lot of missed ad impressions.”  Tags:#Facebook#web dave copeland Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verificationcenter_img The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Related Posts A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more