Examples of foreign trade enterprises to share new online site operation strategy

Method of brand building outside

rational website meta tags

foreign trade financial operation of the site is different from the general enterprise site, the overall user experience site need is particularly high, the author also operates foreign trade financial sites, according to the optimization of their own experience, to share some foreign trade new online operation strategy, with a common exchange of learning.

of Shanghai Dragon

sites related to foreign trade finance industry to have money, the first enterprise itself needs to have a certain brand, quality brand to provide quality services to users, especially for trading website, website reputation is more important than anything else. If the A5 transaction is such a successful operation, with A5 webmaster and powerful user reputation are related. First in the brand construction enterprises must have independent official website, the website to obtain the relevant certification, the construction site to keep up with the external brand operation. read more

Analysis of high quality website and trash and K postprocessing

through feedback channels claiming the site is original, high quality feedback sites, of which more than 80% are invalid, even a large number of old Chinese medicine claimed 3-5 days healed website content throughout the reading barrier, claiming to be a high quality website.

Q: would like to know what kind of love in the eyes in the station is high quality stations, each station is never user to user, accumulated little by little. After the 7.19~7.31 webmaster complaints feedback notice, just feel a kind of urge to hit people, do not know is not the ordinary webmaster too small, do not love Shanghai, and I hope the webmaster together to give up the love of Shanghai. See a lot of garbage station alive, his hard station did not know, the world is not fair, it can not do without the rules of the game, you love others said Shanghai station is low quality, for example, also said, that we do not stand why was K? You can get low do you think the quality is the same for example read more