Say no to Taobao

open Taobao Shop Pro Taobao train are not unfamiliar, Taobao car effect is really good. But the charges are not low ah, which for us to open a shop near the small shops, it is not good ah. But if the new store opened directly on the train, usually the conversion rate will be very low, because the train brings traffic to a customer but, no deal, the credibility of the shop is very low, usually is to look away, rarely buy directly. And Taobao can only be used in special circumstances, such as: to Valentine’s day, and a Valentine’s day discount. So many large stores will raise a lot of professional Taobao guest, the purpose is very simple: get considerable traffic. This is a quick way to promote. Taobao N shop on the network to promote the way:


said the most soft Wen promotion, QQ group promotion, etc.. These methods may be very effective, but it is difficult to implement. Especially for many part-time manager friend. Spare time every day and was not much, but these promotion methods must have a relatively stable "quantity", because rarely go to your shop to buy something, say more are spectators. That is, we usually say that the conversion rate is too low". In fact, Taobao shop promotion and website promotion almost nothing more than the station and outside the station optimization. The difference is that Taobao shop outside the station optimization is mainly network marketing, station optimization in your baby to work hard. For example: how to make a better look at baby pictures, how to make the baby’s description more attractive eye. "Station optimization" done, here is how to promote your online shop.

: the first type of network marketing


what is the set pattern of network marketing, literally is not difficult to understand. Find your potential customers from the Internet or reality, for example, your shop sells women’s clothes. Now like the majority of online shopping girls, it is not difficult to find these people. The key is how to do a good job with your customers "relationship", this time you like a salesman. First of all, and your customers are familiar with, and then sell your product (shop), how to implement it in the simplest way: QQ chat. After all is to use your network connections, whether playing games or understanding of friends, QQ friends, these are all available resources, but the premise is that you have to accumulate these resources, the advantages of network marketing is the largest set pattern can improve the conversion rate, the difficulty is to be precise.

second: viral network marketing

viral network marketing, as the name suggests is like a virus, a mass ten, ten hundred…. This kind of network marketing is common. But for Taobao shop, how to let customers to help you promote it. Do not give customers any benefits, no one would be willing to do. So must give customers some benefits, such as: pull one over, as long as the consumer send small gifts or get points for things etc..


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