Guo Yeye to break the traditional marketing network marketing barrier

is taking advantage of the sales marketing is the purpose behind the marketing activities, product promotion into a popular consumer environment, make consumers understand and accept the product marketing products means in this environment. Specific performance for consumers through the media for the eye, with the consumer’s own communication, relying on easy entertainment and other ways to guide the market. In other words, it is through the homeopathy, campaign, occasion etc, in order to improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise or product, establish a good brand image, and ultimately to promote a product or service marketing strategy.

is an occasion to marketing, mainly by the influence of events with marketing. Therefore, the degree of exposure of the event has a lot of dependence. The degree of exposure is dependent on the degree of exposure of the media. To some extent, taking advantage of the marketing is often short effective marketing.

Baidu promotion, web promotion. In the short term, will use the network marketing occasion intensified, so that users can through Baidu, the media exposure rate high events as promotion forces, rely on the network outside the media forces, the netizen exposure rate, so as to achieve the best effect of marketing occasion.

For example,

immediately "Mid Autumn Festival" is coming, "the Mid Autumn Festival to eat what?" as keywords to join Baidu promotion, Never mind seems to be the moon cake, actually very good to improve the profit of business means taking advantage of marketing mooncakes.

Baidu promotion, web promotion, in the short term, China can cover about 80% Chinese netizens’eyeball. Pinpoint groups of potential customers in 80% China users, soft advertising marketing, for Baidu intends through taking advantage of the marketing companies is a good choice.

Key points:

marketing occasion

1 events related to the site or in line with Baidu audit page.

2 for the event of the perfect planning, estimate the media attention outside the network.

3 choose the right keywords, add to Baidu promotion account.

4 choose the right Baidu alliance website, advertising is put on the wheel.

5 estimates using Baidu promotion, web promotion, the potential value of marketing occasion.

in fact, taking advantage of the marketing is a continuous work. As a new means of marketing, marketing occasion to set news effect, advertising, public relations, image communication, customer relationship in one, has become fully deserve promotion, new product brand display, build brand recognition and brand positioning and marketing activities of first selection strategy.

therefore, taking advantage of enterprise marketing to benefit, "short-lived business" would not have strategic vision, from the future, from now on, adjust the marketing activities on certain topics.

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