Website promotion such as how to improve personal and website visibility

a lot of webmaster friends know: do stand like a man". This truth has been emphasized countless times, but the application in the website promotion, with the truth of life in the promotion of the site, it is very appropriate and instructive. Web site is not only a personal personality and personal interests of the owners, knowledge and other aspects of the focus of the reflection, but also the personal webmaster on the Internet and other webmasters to communicate an intermediary and platform. So, with the truth in life attitude and website promotion Weirenchushi, we have to keep learning and strengthen the skill and experience.

friends of the way to go, there must be a chain website.

in which areas to develop, you must make a plenty of friends, so that we can make progress together mutual exchange of needed products. Website promotion is the same, how the quality of a web site, as can a level judgment can be judged from the level of his side, but also from the chain level to determine the site. Therefore, to do a good job of website quality and promotion must pay attention to the construction of the chain, in the same industry and field sites within the circle, owners should actively interact with each other, through the webmaster chat and other ways to get a similar website link.

friends have a high level, the site has a good friend chain.

too many friends is not necessarily better than a few friends and a strong ability to friends. Also on the site of the chain must attach great importance to the construction of high quality links, but not blindly expand the link, the more the better the idea is wrong. Therefore, to consider a similar site links, such as small game network ( is best to find the game related sites for links. Two to consider each other is not the search engine punishment and drop right, there is no link may lead to some problems such as illegal links. This is the exchange of links to pay attention to the criteria and basic principles.

people have a name, the website should have the brand.

is in the circle of friends doing duck people tend to have a memorable and familiar name, like the ancient "timely rain, small cyclone, water flying", like the "graph king", there is a name to remember and impressive, is conducive to the famous pass sowing and expanding. Similarly, in terms of a site, a suitable location is not only reflected in the content construction, is also reflected in the name of the site, it is not confined to the special regular special normal station, and according to the characteristics or the contents of the domain name station assume an alias, such as "bean, baby, school fiction" so, let a person feel both dynamic and easy to remember, so easy to establish and build their own brands, the name easy to remember Yi will make a tiger with wings added website promotion.

people want to develop a good stage, website promotion to choose the platform.

people want to develop a good enough to choose a good enough big enough stage, suitable for you to show yourself in the above, to find and promote. The site to do the same promotion

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