Hand teach you how to write high quality soft Raiders

"soft" as a very effective way to promote the network, the friends of all walks of life are gradually being used, the use of soft paper to promote the majority of friends made a very good score. But this kind of soft Wen promotion way though, for just contact with friends this way, application will always be some difficulty, today Xiaobian to you on how to write text to write and how to write high quality soft Wen and steps:


1: understanding user needs

first when we write flexible language, we must first know what we are writing this article the purpose of soft! Only after the correct understanding to our users’ needs, we can focus on the user to write a high quality of soft Wen! If you don’t understand the needs of the users, so we is not to write high quality soft wen.

so do not think that SEO is every hair outside the chain, update daily some articles so simple, there are a lot of SEO differentiation knowledge, we only put these knowledge, we can put it into full play.

like when you search for "how to write the keywords high quality soft Wen" in Baidu, then we can know clearly, to the user is hoping to see something about how to write text, and how to write high quality soft this knowledge, we are the purpose of this paper is launched around the keywords.

two: headline eye-catching

you have already found that we often browse some articles on the web, the impact of our click or not is the key to the title of the article. Just think of yourself as this is the only way we can get the user to click on the title of the article when it’s attractive enough.

only after the user clicks in, we can see the soft text interspersed with advertising, if the user did not click in, so even if the quality of the content of the article again good, it is impossible for users to see. Therefore, the title of the article must be eye-catching, must be attractive enough, the title of the article is a key to determine the success or failure of the


three: content differentiation

(1): use holiday

we can use some holidays or some special day, our service is to promote some products or use stories or some other form to combine, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. Here the most important thing is to grasp the needs of users.

(2): medium length


length is not longer, under normal circumstances, we have a soft text length control in 500 to 1000 words about it, there is no need to have some easy to understand things so complicated. I want to be a

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