Guo Yeye for business needs to develop network marketing solutions

now network marketing has covered the whole country, even if there is no step into the network marketing companies or companies, but also a little understanding of network marketing. As an amateur network marketing enthusiasts, here will learn some of the network marketing process to share with you.

enterprise, from the understanding of network marketing, there is a process, any a network marketing company, when talking about the customer, are not following the detachment process, know the customer from the network marketing, network marketing to gradually understand, then consider how to do network marketing, finally reached an agreement with the network marketing personnel cooperate. In this process, the network marketing personnel of every hue need to face different customers, these customers can actually carry out classification, to facilitate the network marketing personnel for the customer demand sensitive Puzhuo to reach a consensus, network marketing, network marketing to promote cooperation.

enterprise classification is some experience by learning to work, can be said that the network marketing staff are very good by sorting out the results, I just learn from their experience, learn the essence of the learning process, adding their own understanding and views. As mentioned at the beginning, I am just an amateur network marketing enthusiasts, the following contents are not set any protection regulations, we read later, can work together to study, of course, can also be written to upgrade progress together to facilitate various network marketing enthusiasts. Here to do advertising, I am from Hubei Baidu General Agent Marketing Commissioner, Guo Yeye, if you need to do Baidu promotion customers can contact at any time.

network marketing personnel, in the face of different customers, have to deal with different policies to determine the type of enterprise is a very important stage. Therefore, in the network marketing staff and customers to talk, you have to accurately locate the customer type, so as to effectively import their products, which lead to business needs, promote cooperation agreement.

from the enterprise itself, can be divided into three categories.

first class: enterprise status, survival, because the market competition is fierce, resulting in the customer is difficult in the market foothold, and this kind of customer negotiations, enterprise survival should be placed in the first place.

second: enterprise status, and development, enterprises have a certain territory in the market, already quite good, but the lack of development, it is difficult to expand, and this kind of customers to negotiate, expand the scale of enterprises, strengthen brand awareness should be put in the first place.

third: state enterprises, enterprise survival is not a problem, a target group for the market demand, the reason is because their product needs very narrow, therefore, more time and, this kind of client chat, should consider how to help customers to sell better products, better the selection of potential customers.

these three categories of enterprises, the first category of enterprises and second types of enterprises can be subdivided into six categories.

detailed analysis of type

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