Promote the use of QQ space to share the experience of goods

first self introduction, Taobao ID:yangxiandeng, my name is Yang Xiandeng, 2009 registered Taobao account, but in 2010 before the guest. I study is a comprehensive application of computer, it can be said that everything is not fine. I like the network, like the Internet, can not be separated from the network, but always looking for a job to have money to play ah, there is no way too much like the network. Later, see Wangzhuan information on the Internet, and it gave me hope. But on the network to see that what "hang on to earn a few hundred" are those fraudulent. Later, almost abandoned, friends do the tao. Well, we do not delay time.

I do Taobao guest is also more than a month, I’ll share with you a method, how to pull flow. I’m talking about here, the use of QQ space pull traffic, there are a lot of friends will say that the use of QQ space I also use ah, who will not ah. Maybe I’ll talk about the next time you will know, very few people use this method.

here to talk about this step:

1 first enter Taobao, get promotion A. links, and baby pictures. (B. or


and then to the QQ space log, in the QQ space log it has two forms, one is the general and advanced mode, another HTML format. A (A. link, and baby pictures) in the release of the log when the hyperlink release. Another HTML format (B., copy the selected baby) baby to copy paste directly in the input box, or worse, the source code in HTML format to paste in the input box (pictures, text, links, prices are up, automatic release).

demo address 1:

After the release of

2, of course it or not, your personal space, popularity is not so good, and who will know your QQ log, A. QQ space to share with this feature, click to share with friends, so that your friends are so get your share. Here may be a lot of people will say, "I have used this method ah, well, we have to continue to see. B. QQ space also comes with a function that is reproduced, how can we turn people to log it, or how to reprint to other people’s space, the only way to know each other password ah. This method, but the small illegal, we do the Tao in this industry, can not ah. In Baidu, we have found no search, "hackers send QQ" there will be a lot of relevant information, many websites have stolen QQ posted on the site, then we use this, the search to the QQ stored in. To open the identity of visitors we have just released the log, click on the log above a reprint to my space, this button will pop up a QQ login dialog box, then landing search to Q>

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