Golden Wangzhuan website promotion can not be too dedication

in the early days of the construction of our website, we have to go through less traffic, the low number of registered process, the main reason is that our website is too low visibility. Not many people know or care about our website. At this time there will be many novice webmaster, always have to ask not to mind taking the trouble of promotion methods and efficient what ah, can not let traffic between soaring method and so on. I as a bit of deep capital owners, these ideas I can understand, who do not want to enjoy ah, the problem is the reality and dream is definitely different.

in fact we have not thought about their failures mainly appear in what place? Why people can be successful, others are using this method is used when we fail? Everyone is wrong in others above. Not according to their actual situation, but just blindly imitate, so how can it be successful?

in website promotion Wangzhuan, we have to make a choice, choose the most suitable for their own, choose their most interested and then do your website to promote out. Why do I say this? We will certainly be the reason for what? I’ll give you an example of it!

on the Internet we will see a lot of people say that the QQ group promotion method to do a few thousand or even thousands of traffic a day. See how you might say it’s possible, it’s just not possible. I would like to use my personal experience to say that nothing is impossible, thousands of traffic can do absolutely, as tens of thousands of traffic can not do I do not know.

remember when I hand hold the latest cartoon resources, in order to put it out as soon as possible, I added dozens of comics group, then I’ll have a chat with him and persuade them to let them put my cartoon resources on the web to the announcement, finally, Kung Fu has no heart. I spent the whole day to talk about the main group, the end result is a lot of, how many now forget, traffic is more than 2 thousand. I think the reason for my success is that I chose the most suitable way for me, and I spent a lot of energy to do it. Give us another example!

Baidu post bar is a high flow of personal places, so it is absolutely necessary to promote a local website. But stick to those bad articles are usually not used, how should do?. My solution is to grab a word. Remember to promote my broadcast movie website, I was the biggest advantage is the update time, the latest of the animation can refer to the video places are more familiar with, and a week Post Bar will open a new words video link set posts. I use the fastest speed. The latest collection of information about the animation. Send this to.

then has been waiting for you to open the page refresh, video links for centralized posts, accounted for in front of the post setting, as long as you account for the top three on the line. Thousands of traffic is needless to say.


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