Search for the son of VS network

"Where are you, my son? Your parents are going crazy!"

– baby home to find the subnet

"Dad beat me, mom, I really want to run away!"

– Baidu post bar

recently, in the two network group network, quietly become the focus of attention of many users, there is concern and anxiety "subnet", the child parents call, people worried; and on the other hand, a lot of life in the warmth of family in the child, but in the Internet issued a variety of "leaving posts", claiming to be away from home, disturbing.

is looking for

parents are looking for "subnet" nice

baby home subnet ( was established in April this year, the site is a few volunteers started at their own expense public welfare website, all published in the station of the missing person all free, join the site around the country a total of more than 6 thousand volunteers.

reporter from the site of Chengdu Volunteer Department learned that once a couple and the child lost, to find, within one year of their depleted possessions, traveled around Chengdu city. A year later, the couple finally found his child in the city rescue station. Later, when they know that the search for volunteers to collect information, did not hesitate to join them. They said: "do their own strength, do not let other families go our wrong way."

found the subnet after the establishment of a lot of users agree with this network alliance to find the child’s practice, and hopes to become a volunteer. Many users to publish their own QQ number, and some users even directly to their phone number published, and that can help at any time.

now, in order to find the lost children and the establishment of a network of groups is increasing, to participate in these groups of users who believe that more than a search for power, lost children’s family is more than a hope.

side to run

children to run out of thousands of running post

is looking for children at the same time in the unfortunate family worried, friends were surprised to find that many children meet a runaway post on the Internet, some also set out with the home plan, "meet the Runaways" card number in the post "Baidu Post Bar" in nearly 5000!

take a look at these "exit"". There are other people to ask "runaway experience": "I want to run away from home, but I do not know how to go safe, how to walk easily……" A partner away; an invitation: "I want to go away, who will? Two people with care, plus QQ× × × × × ×." There are people who spare no effort to prepare for the "work" of the children who are away from home: "will pass by Shanghai >

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