64 kinds of rhetoric of the old driver


creative training methods according to the "teacher Liang Zuolin

on his giraffe example

collected the well written copy and ad

look at what rhetorical devices they use

There are 63 main categories of

rhetoric, and the 78 category is

today to give 64 kinds of

do not understand the meaning of each of the rhetoric of the students please own Baidu ah

: a giraffe across the street.

1, simile: a giraffe like a rag, slowly walked down the street.

: 2, metaphor through the streets, the giraffe became a philosopher.

3: novel, a huge book of fairy tales through the streets.

4: a megametaphoric, giraffe through the streets, like tall buildings, like a dream, like just bought new clothes.

5, metaphor: like a tornado, a giraffe across the street.

6, anti metaphor: Giraffe walked very slowly, but not as an antelope ran away in the blink of an eye.

7, metaphor: the wind blows the rice, the heavy shaking, as the giraffe; giraffe shaking, as the wind in the rice.

8, metaphor: Giraffe really slow, even the snail is not as good as.

9, a metaphor: the blade of a giraffe, so lonely.

10: a giraffe, just walking down the street is always very easy; as people in the park, always walk with measured steps.

these belong to the figurative rhetoric

look at the past

is really silly

but really old driver already easy



the world’s most important car is Dad’s shoulder

(China Automotive)

the whole city is my coffee shop

(CITY CAFé / unified super quotient)

[anti metaphor]

is not like

(hammer phone)


] [


sweet only for words, love to feed as first love.

(wedding cake boxes)

: a giraffe across the street.

11, a match: giraffe, murmuring, sang a sad song.

life gives architecture expression.



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