Sixth 99% derivative seckill derivative SOP process than the dry cargo building you blind Shuabing s

new, six said "please don’t do so without taking the micro level 99%" seckill derivative derivative SOP dry cargo, construction process, value w does not deceive

sixth do micro business training, but to do some micro business team has done in-house, with a beautiful hand and beauty lecturer’s words, you haven’t done a micro business people give me derivative traders carefully, let me feel then?

I just want to send on behalf of the Tucao, the gang do micro business is very bad, there is no level of stupid, upgrade under B grid……

can you do a little bit level


circle of friends, do business like mice on the streets, everyone shouting

often write articles in the school, there will be some micro business friends to my WeChat, don’t talk to me hot, send ads to occupy my screen…… And then there is no, ha ha

now, you count the derivative 6 sins

, 1, Shuabing, shameless screen around the circle of friends like visiting the Taobao

2 often send some so-called psychological chicken soup:

3, often do the test is deleted:

4 often send buyers show:

5, Slide Show hair, said business is very good, my agents are making money:

6 hair product reviews, the product is good, really good

look at our Tucao

1. We don’t want to go to Taobao,

2, a hair chicken soup can point, hair is not, see that mass, a warm heart began to feel sick and can see later, preceded by a call, let me feel that you respect me, please send a


3, afraid to be deleted, don’t do it wrong, you also want to delete feelings as


4 hair more, and was deleted, and I do not buy, the old sent me to see why?

5, pro, you make money, invited me to dinner? Occupy my circle of friends, you paid


6 Pro, the product is so good, for the hair is not free to send me?

in fact, do micro business people, very confused, especially small and micro business

In fact, last year, the first batch of

do really make money micro business,

eg: my college classmate, doing the first derivative ten year old beauty mask, has been in the local buy a car, to achieve 100 W…………

but now small and micro business, you can make money?

small micro businessman confused what?

1, the home for what they do, Shuabing, Yahuo


2 I will add a lot of powder, that is, can not be added to the

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