Drug safety net promotion plan

drug safety nets promotion plan

website promotion basic steps:

 : first step: site diagnostics, including

      Web site structure diagnosis: the site’s structure is reasonable, whether it is efficient, convenient, whether in line with the user access habits, whether it is suitable for search engine habits;

      Web page diagnosis: page code is streamlined, whether the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the color of the page is appropriate, to see whether the layout is reasonable, properly handled;

      file and file name diagnosis: file format, file name, and so on, to see if they used an unreasonable file name;

promotion strategy diagnosis: website promotion strategy is effective, whether backward, see whether it is reasonable to use the network promotion.


second step: site based traffic analysis

      statistical system installation, background analysis, regional analysis, visitor analysis, keyword analysis;

      flow statistics system installation

      flow background analysis,

      regional distribution analysis.

      keyword analysis: keywords are appropriate, keyword density is reasonable, etc.;

      search engine login analysis: what kind of login, login information is effective;

      link correlation analysis: the popularity of the link is high, whether it belongs to a relatively large link;

      access group analysis: to analyze the visiting groups, to study the relationship between visiting groups and marketing;


third step: site optimization:

      website structure optimization: structure optimization, make the site structure reasonable, in order to adapt to the search engine habits;

      Web page optimization: page layout, page design optimization, keyword layout, image processing, etc.;

      navigation design: navigation convenience, navigation text optimization, etc.;

      link arrangement: the internal and external links to the website >

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