From a taxi to sell cars from the vertical to the ecological bit by bit travel giant Road


in holding 300 million users, after winning the car market share of 87.2%, Didi about travel is "a BAT" can be heard without end but until the day before, and drops travel finally stepped out of a key step in giant Road:

January 6, 2016, drops announced business data: after the test drive on the line of business 2 and a half months, covering 19 brands of 93 models, 1 million 400 thousand cumulative orders. And announced following the test drive business, the future will gradually launch a number of car manufacturers and dealers based services, such as electric cars, advertising and other business.

"connecting people and cars" which is the core model and product positioning drops, drops car ", is the seventh product lines under this orientation extended incubation, and combined with previous" taxi, train, car, bus ride and drive, "six lines – drops are completed from vertical to the ecological evolution, and have the opportunity to become one of the transportation services.

and based on the average daily demand for motor vehicles in China 450 million times the commercial realization of the allocation of power, which is the imagination of the commercial value drops.

drops commercial that emboldened: users + big data

drops from the travel drive to sell cars, there are no lack of difficulty on the industry questioned the scene change and transformation rate between users. In the opinion of the cut by Ni T car electricity supplier, is not a reckless decision, because it has been "a bit after the test drive" speculative decision.

and drops into the electric car / dared advertising clout at least three:

1 after a test drive potential Car Buying user group:

Internet user is king "is not to mention the iron rule, o2o stresses a matching problem, professional users of public users to be transformed into high frequency low frequency, to see the level of trust in the platform, and drops through test drive to filter out a business Car Buying crowd intent, Car Buying target users with the driver and leasing companies the main passenger supplement, to estimate the official results, this is a group of about ten million.

users hand in hand, and have a high demand of travel support, do distribution becomes drops of natural thing: around the car connect with people, can help in joint automobile manufacturers selling vehicle / auto parts, back can be distributed to the user precise car factories, the difference is distributed in different forms.

and through the platform advantages, the formation of traffic depressions, and thus the flow of wholesale to the brand, which is the core of the business model of BAT, and the future will be the core logic drops.

2 strategy is clear, to the service industry as the largest revenue:

, we do not want to make a piece of an independent electricity supplier platform, but to cover 60>

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