Analysis on the marketing wisdom of search network

because of work needs, I recently checked in Nanjing. A few laps down, the impression of Nanjing is more trees, more beauty. Last week, I went out shopping and was taken to the street by accident. I was thinking, "well, I was lucky to have someone who appreciates me.". After two days, I excitedly boarded the QQ mailbox, ready to collect photos, the results of an open, silly eye, it is sent to a link point to open to see the first login to receive photos. When I log on, there will be a search of the salesman and my friends, and then sent a few messages, intuition is, hey, this site can bend around really many.

it down, I have analyzed the "search road network". It to beauty as a gimmick, do a beauty site. Since we do website, there are resources, it did not choose pictures from online reprint, but through the street to get resources, while the street "model" to get this information, not only to meet the daily needs of one site, but also the development of the user.

marketing is very good, let us look at the "search road network" is how to make cloth nets above and snares below the fish hook.

, the first under the bait, catch is you


a website full of beauty, attracted mostly boys eyes. The search road network through the street, people with narcissistic mentality, first in the shooting link to reduce the possibility of rejection; girls took photos, would like to see a picture is not good, so that it touches the "register" button.

this "temptation" marketing approach is highly recommended, using a special and easy way to attract people’s state of mind this website stationmaster can accurately analyze user requirements and needs, to find their missing or what they want, "hook" is not difficult.

two, you look at the scenery on the bridge, see the scenery on the bridge to see you

after entering the site, we can find the most beautiful person web page will display only the shooting, so for "competition" psychology, women are more willing to accept the next shot, and will go to shoot better posture, hope I can go home. The website is to make good work, improve the quality of their own website, it can not only attract the user’s attention, but also to attract advertisers and brokerage companies to find the treasure, then this site from a display of the beauty of the "Expo" turned into a supply and demand trading platform.

is rare and expensive. Don’t give up quality for quantity. Good site not only to the pursuit of traffic, but also have the ability to turn these traffic into the interests of. How to change it into a real value, tradable goods, good goods on the shelves, even if no one came to buy it?

three, the development of other businesses just walked

search the main page of the Internet is to show the beauty, but there are a few pages, like hi come from, like a group of

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