Buy site promotion experience four promotion model analysis

website promotion, personal feeling is opportune to say, not to say your writing is good, just send a few soft OK, soft Wen is important, but it can only increase your website group purchase website visibility, but can’t increase your website product sale rate. Since the buy site is different from Taobao, eBay logistics delivery model, but based on the sales of local products, it is limited, buy site to buy the crowd of fixed. An article written yesterday on the home page, the other in very surprised and excited, regardless of what the Strike while the iron is hot. or, I again a list of group purchase website promotion mode.


listed here to promote the way, is on my website model example.

mode is divided into four kinds: TV media, print media, interactive sharing, word of mouth,

1) TV media

this, I did not how to move the mind, I believe that some owners will say this is a good way, but the high cost of investment, may not be good results. So here I want to say is, first of all I am working in television, so that resources for me is not how difficult a system unit, you do a good relationship, your host port broadcast on television, and a corner column is not easy, and I sell at the moment or something television affiliate products.

one, in fact, should know what I mean, that is whether you are on TV or in the office where, your environment is the best publicity channels, but my channel is more conducive to my website development. By analogy, for example made it clear: today I am selling television, but I want to tell you, television also want to tell you that television tell you is not my website, online sales address, but the product is the sales address successful publicity is not already to your web site to do propaganda the. OK, tomorrow I will change the beauty salon products, I think I will not only tell the user that I have a new product, I believe the beauty salon will tell customers want to get a discount to a certain website.

Of course, if there is no

TV that you have the resources of the premise, and businesses about authorization, exclusive, this is also very important, we must have confidence in their own website, the show was all that do the webmaster do you know how to do, used here is your ability and cleverness and eloquence the.

2) print media

Oh, I was working with the mainstream media. This, I believe that a large number of people can do. As far as I am concerned, there are a lot of direct information magazines in Yantai, which is called DM. What "the world line" "candy pie" "LOOK" and so on some of the DM magazine, hey ~ ~ this is interesting. Of course, I do not mean that I have some examples of cooperation, the premise of cooperation in the market before the same investigation, the final choice of a OK you think. >

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