O2O commercial real estate platform rental announced A round of financing 250 million yuan

NetEase science and technology news March 29th hearing, today, O2O commercial real estate integrated services platform announced the completion of a good rental A round of 250 million yuan financing. This round of investment capital, pleasure by the black hole capital investment area, northern lights with the cast, Huaxing acted as exclusive financial advisor.

is good for O2O commercial real estate integrated service platform 58 market strategic investment group, good rent to enterprises as the focus, the leasing business is only the beginning and good customer service enterprises. After the end of the lease, rent through the mall to provide customers with industrial and commercial registration, plants, cleaning, office furniture, office equipment leasing, financial leasing and other business services required a "one-stop" procurement service.

good rental data show that since the independent development of first half of the year, average monthly growth rate of 150%, the highest single month growth rate as high as 330%; service enterprise has accumulated more than 35000 customers, the average monthly number of customers more than 5000 service enterprises.

completed A round of financing, good rent founder and CEO Qu Xianyang introduced by the end of the expansion of the important second tier city, the establishment of city network system of a second tier city to pull each other; improve product technology, forming and leasing office rent mall bilateral effect.

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