A potato salad to raise 55 thousand how did he do it


Zack Danger Brown has been raised in the congregation raised platform Kickstarter to raise a public project, his initial goal is to raise $10 to make a potato salad. However, thirty days later, Zack Danger Brown raised a total of $55492, with nearly 7000 supporters.

will be able to raise $55 thousand a salad, if this is not a joke, how did he do it?

Brown before the launch of the public to raise the project after a thoughtful, he can successfully raise so much money, which means that we can learn from this lucky to learn some tips. Anyone who is willing to invest time and energy can replicate these skills. This article summarizes the five potato salad public raising projects since the successful skills:

1 wisely choose platform

select a can face the audience, and support you to raise public platform is very important. Kickstarter has been on the blog about Zack Danger Brown potato salad project, and publicly expressed support that it is a special project for the promotion of the Brown project has made a great contribution.

you choose to raise the platform, you should be able to attract the audience to sell themselves and projects. Whether you are developing a video game and virtual digital sand table, write a book or make a potato salad, you can use this space to display your thoughts. We can compare it to your home: you want to make it an interesting, warm place where people want to be a guest.


break the normal procedure

for most of the public projects, they are in accordance with the old routine. If there is in these old items in some novelty, or just something different, the audience will want to seize this opportunity to experience. This is why the offbeat factors Zack Danger Brown project can be a potato salad.

3 don’t just ask for money

Brown in the process of the project will continue to release some of the most attractive project record update video, in order to attract supporters, so that they can understand the latest progress of the project. In addition, the new formula and gift giving T-shirts these novel creations, so that supporters want to learn more.

these creations not only allow people to visit his website, but also give them a reason to stay. Fundraising is not just money, but to give supporters a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. When they finally experience the product, they know they have their own contribution to these things.

4 ahead of time to find supporters

in the project to raise the public on-line

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