Let QQ space jump to blog

QQ space is obvious to people you shameless, you don’t waste time wasting money on top of him. Then the Q friends of many friends, to jump to the QQ space blog method is also a very good publicity BLOG. ADO, implementation method

principle would know what to do, but there certainly are like I do not know this person needs FLASH tutorial.The compressed package is

right FLA file and action.   

Click to download this file http://s.www.bkjq.com/blogtools/qqspacetoblog.rar

A, download and install the required tools   Macromedia  Flash  MX  2004

download address: http://s.www.skycn.com/soft/7755.html

tips keygen, enter the following among a group of it.






three, at the bottom of a   action; it has the following contents, the right side of the text box:

getURL (" http://s.www.5i3gp.cn");

four, according to the documents, released after the desktop   you will see 3 files, we only need to file the suffix for the.SWF file.

five, upload the SWF to the network space, such as our own BLOG space, remember you upload your position.

six, if you are like me and the TM mode is convenient, to write the log, add a FLASH in the log, the SWF address that you just upload the address. If you are QQ mode, like the previous code space

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