Derivative ten wonderful advertising routine Wu Mei Niang was also play bad

[Abstract] Jing Chai and her circle of friends is "under the sky" scraper. Whether you are willing to accept, do not agree with her views, in fact, the public issues so violent show in front of you, allowing no explanation. Unless you drop your close relatives and good friends. Can not be denied, "" below the canopy is a good research work. But it is in WeChat’s runaway behavior, but reminiscent of derivative. She talked about one thing, comparable to professional scientists; concern is, your brothers and sisters; up to sell, but like the explosion, an easy job to do to occupy your mobile phone screen. In contrast, in the way of derivative agent, he is frustrated because the former friends have blocked him; he hesitated, because every day that only very few orders. He thought that his advertisement painting did not think the micro business promotion routines are basically the same. He has occupied often find their own path, but also? Today, billion state power network is hereby inventory wonderful ten derivative advertising language routines, any similarity is purely normal.

first, micro business people are scientists

if you remove your friends from the micro channel mask, it is estimated that you will find that they are all scientists!


The most commonly used opening point for

scientists is: "research shows," tell you, "and so on. Start a lot of scientific analysis, it seems very reliable, and then guide to buy their products. This type of micro commercial advertising mainly uses the interests of consumers of scientific information, in order to attract them to look at advertising. However, when the circle of friends are full of this kind of scientific analysis, you will believe in science?

two, their own trial super easy to use

everyone doesn’t want to be a white mouse, so this task is for the micro business.


have the most micro in advertising with "own trial" pictures, and say "I tried chaohaoyong. I have used several bottles of the kind of thing, let customers see after the trial results, so that customers can rest assured to order. But the problem is that the micro business who tried not to use the ad will be said to be useless, they are in the life of the micro brand when the white mouse?

three, has not been sent before advertising

this is a contradictory advertising routines: this micro chamber of Commerce said that before has not been how to advertise, now just quietly to share with customers, and then point out the advantages of the product.


But now the

micro business advertising share after micro-blog, the circle of friends, not silently share? Since advertising is so good to sell, sold out, why do we need to advertise


four, on TV >

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