1 million RMB hit the big bubble of the four

1 million for a grassroots webmaster, do not even know how to spend. But for the multitude network, and even hit a bubble 1 million.

for just after less than 2 years, now in retrospect, I don’t know how I made it 1 million. Now under careful analysis, the feeling is not enough 1 million.

style holiday travel website in 2004, after the change, when my hand is just a dead zone travel site. At that time the site expenditure mainly in the construction site (network company 3000 yuan for promotion (site), more than 2 thousand dollars a month salary (two bar), individual and editor plus the reception 800/ month plus commission), office rent utilities and other expenses (2000/ months). In this case, the station also earned a net profit of about 100000 a year. That’s why I wrote that about the cost control of travel websites.

, I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to.

the first bubble: www.tripsc.com website PR=5, bring me the search engine ranking to improve and better site quality evaluation. This useful money bidding credit in large site advertising package section of credit, more on the web site editor not to mind taking the trouble to be connected, even friendship. This bubble is worth 200 thousand. 200 thousand buy a PR5 you may think it’s not worth it, I think it’s not worth it. But the 200 thousand brings me PR5.

second bubbles: business. With the end of the financial statements show that the annual gross profit of 650 thousand yuan tourism website, hotel reservations, air tickets and other revenue of $70 thousand. Total: 1 million 20 thousand. This is my second bubble. This bubble is only valid for last year, for future business revenue is no benefit! If you insist that there are benefits, that is to receive tens of thousands of people and train our business personnel reception level.

third bubbles: 3000IP stable flow. Resources saved last year now bring stability to me 3000IP/ day. If my site is running 5 years later, with a IP of $per IP3, that also has a value of $1 million 620 thousand. Ha-ha! But the actual situation is not the case? Look at the late gains. The big bubble will break at any time, such as: the site is not operating properly shut down, IP plunged (search engine K, etc.). So consider this bubble value 100 thousand.

Fourth bubbles: hardware. Through a year of crazy expansion, website technology and reception reached 12 people. Huge information resources and product resources reached a certain height. Relying on style

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