Mou Changqing analysis of the popularity of micro blog website through sticky rice

When the morning of

in micro-blog to see someone say the number of group purchase rice network abnormal, the feeling of fraud. Said that now there are more than 1W people to buy, according to the current increase in the number of people to buy, to reach the limit of 14 hours, there will be more than 13W people buy, feeling too fake. It is true that there is rarely a group buying site can reach so many people buy, and this sticky net was opened 2 days, such data, who have to look at the suspicion of fraud.

Figure 1: as of 10:20 PM has been 136430 of people to buy


because of the comments on micro-blog, but also aroused my curiosity to look at the glutinous rice network, we can clearly see through the map of the group to buy goods, is worth 40 yuan movie packages. My friends, who are concerned about me, know that I often go to the cinema to see the film, so that I really like watching movies on. Every time in order to save money, I choose to play half the time to see the cinema. But in this way, every 2 people at least spend $70, when the 3D film to be at least 100 yuan. If you count the cost of popcorn and drinks more, but I usually buy a bottle of mineral water quietly brought in. 40 yuan package film the glutinous rice nets, really attracted me. I never let the group purchase echocardiography, the first group purchase their own experience given to the glutinous rice nets.

such a price, as long as there is a need to see the film in Beijing white-collar workers, I believe will be heart to buy, do not buy a fool. Visible as long as the user’s grasp of the needs of the public, the price is low enough, can attract a lot of people. But this marketing may also can do 1 times 2 times, so they can meet the needs of the public, and the lowest group purchase may not always have the Thousand Oaks may lose a lot of money in it, as an event marketing spend on advertising.

said in front of so much, but it is not the focus of my blog to say today, because the above things, there are too many peer attention. I just repeat it again, if it is simply for this event to buy low-cost marketing, I will not write this blog. Today, I would like to see some of the data through the sticky rice network, found that the indirect analysis of some of the popularity of micro-blog.

figure: the bottom right corner of the glutinous rice network, concern us


do not know how many friends have noticed glutinous rice nets in the lower right corner of the "concern us," I have a click to see during the day, it is found in glutinous rice nets "Sina" and "Tencent" and "Baidu Post Bar" "bean" official micro-blog. At that time I remember glutinous rice network Sina micro-blog also only a few fans. These 4 glutinous rice micro-blog have in common, that is, did not publish a word, did not take the initiative to pay attention to a person, may also be registered at the same time, the same time hanging on the glutinous rice network is recommended on the home page.

during the day, 4>

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