Gold rush after the first successful submission of ideas a good article does not need to worry about


gold to write this article is not written in here boast how good, I just with my contribution of successful experience to share to you, and tell you how to write through their ability to write a good article, can finally tell you what harvest to you through this a good article.

Two days before the

gold not wrote a story about "how long can we survive Wangzhuan career? The way how to choose?" this article? I spent the morning time to finish this article, I think is more investment, more seriously, so I wrote this article on the initiation a try to make a draft of the idea, but because I didn’t contribute experience, for my writing ability is poor, I did not hold much hope to pass, I just hold a try attitude to contribute, then chose the Admin5 station network and Chinaz and out of three the most famous Adsense nets for submission to try.

I have been a new things on hold to study what state of mind, so my first try at submission time is also so, for submission after every half an hour or a few minutes I will go to see if there is no sign up through the first draft of the first time I feel like in the interview feeling tense with expectation, looking forward to my first submission to, even if it is a site to pass or there was a feeling of tension, the tension is not afraid of a pass, like the failure of the interview will lead to the feeling of losing his job as nervous.

I get nervous in front of me, the

said, it is concerned with my qualifications and experience, I said, I was born in the family, because the family condition, was only a primary school, primary school and also read only half, then they were forced to work outside the city was just from the mountains; came to the city, a 3 storey building has not seen me, even in the city in my hometown. Communicate with Mandarin speakers.

said here maybe you can think of, a rural children first came to the city, on the one hand, because of communication problems, on the other hand, because of the strange relationship; more important is that when I was 13 years old, for a non rely on minors in the city based is undoubtedly one of the biggest problem, no true identity, looking for work only with borrowed identity, borrowed ID cards can only be used for small private factories, once the 10 interview had 8 unsuccessful, nervousness caused the loss that I now have some sense of inferiority, so now a contact to a cultural problem will inevitably be nervous.

submission successfully passed the audit and won more than and 50 sites included, reproduced


in the submission process, some of the stress caused by inferiority, but this does not affect my curiosity about some things, but also can not completely prevent me from the final decision on some of the behavior. Sure enough

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