PHP program on the CMS recommendations and views

read the Internet news today, a heavyweight news surprised me, originally released yesterday, I think the user PHPCMS did very well in the industry should be regarded as GOOD, integration and various other programs is the most perfect, like DEDE and Empire, basically belongs to the type of chicken ribs the.

in particular, the Empire, the user center is equal to no, a full integration with discuz or phpwind user account, the development of enterprises and individuals, completely useless!

had been doing station, want to use CMS to do a personal blog, but was too tired, still thinking of optimization, SEO, rankings, flow and so on, and completely unrelated blog, so I used the SABLOG to do my blog, a blog is very simple, even did not change such as template! Only, in the system application and the template on a huge difficulty, novice to use hard, it is very important that the program is very good in MYSQL and stability, in some detail is reflected in


more optimistic about the 2008 edition of the PHPCMS, according to the years ago should notice in April, at least the beta version should come out, the result was disappointing, but this is not what PHPCMS and DEDECMS bounce is often the case, but most of the feeling to be not at all surprising, surprise, would be PHPCMS cool slip acquired, and it was completely without some wind sways grass bought

!The acquisition of

conjecture: about the development of video website, in terms of funding and policy have some resistance, but the resistance in some people’s eyes became power, so it is not difficult to see that this acquisition for cool slip plays in the industry to improve the competitiveness of the role, the effect of using PHPCMS to drive a number of owners into another a peak, hope cool slip can use their own management ability and financing efforts to push PHPCMS to another peak, although the future Empire 5 cancelled all restrictions, but has been at a disadvantage in the development and the development of PHP industry, before CMS, DEDECMS has been set up the acquisition team, development 5 and upgrade to version 5.1, the performance and stability, including safety and functionality of the PHPCMS has made great progress, though in some respects has unique advantages But the limitations of the template make it relatively slow. Although it has been open source, but still can not be compared to the development of DEDECMS and open source, so in order to develop rapidly, we must use the strength of the company to integrate.

DEDECMS has its own team and the company, has developed towards bigger and stronger road walk, but before the good Empire has great action, completely and DEDECMS go the opposite way, from the beginning of the 5 Empire, no longer restricted version means like commercial version of the authority, no the administrator model restrictions, restrictions, but the point, people.

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