Look at the old rival WeChat ten years ago QQ space why there are still 653 million people

QQ space (Qzone) is China’s largest social network, QQ users online virtual home, is one of the core platform of Tencent group. (CFP/)

QQ space was born ten years ago, and become China’s largest social network. With the advent of the era of intelligent mobile phone, WeChat has become the most popular catch up from behind, social tools. But under the impact of a new generation of social tools, such as WeChat, there are as many as hundreds of millions of young people active in QQ space, which also makes the latter become the main rival WeChat.

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mobile phone has become the most popular social networking tools, the PC era have similar sources of

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data is surprising. Although Renren, blog and other social networking sites have declined, but there are still 653 million of Tencent QQ active account.

Tencent Inc announced in 2015 third quarter earnings report, QQ space monthly active accounts reached 653 million, of which mobile terminal monthly active accounts reached $577 million. According to data released by the QQ space, in September 2015, QQ active users, 51% for 90 users, after the user is 32% for the 95.

young people under the age of 20, and it is the future mainstream users diligently strive after Internet Co. Why so many young people reluctant to QQ space?

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China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on the definition of Internet users in the past six months, the Internet has been used for more than 6 years of age and Chinese residents.

July 2015, CNNIC released the thirty-sixth China Internet development statistics report, as of June 2015, Chinese netizens to 10-39 years of age as the main group, the proportion reached 78.4%. Among them, the proportion of Internet users aged 20-29 years of age was 31.4%, accounting for the largest proportion of the overall Internet users. 20 years of age accounted for the proportion of Internet users by the end of 2014, compared with the end of 25.6%, an increase of 1.1 percentage points. In other words, 95 of the total number of Chinese Internet users accounted for 1/4.

this trend, reflected in the number of users in a number of social networks, social media. According to market research firm Kay Chinese data, in 2014 China’s social media users accounted for 90 percent of the 37.7%, the first time over 80 (accounting for more than 30.8%) to become the largest active social media crowd.

Sina micro-blog released the third quarter earnings reported in November 20, 2015 September 2015, the average daily number of active users of micro-blog (DAU) was 100 million, surged 30%, to reach a new milepost, and monthly active users increased by 33% to 222 million. Prior to Sina CEO micro-blog Wang said after 90 users on micro-blog more than half, up to 53%. August 2015, "China’s micro-blog campus development report (2015)"

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