China’s website statistics services four large foreign similar services optimistic about the Chinese

website statistics for the Chinese webmaster certainly not strange. Their web site every day is how much traffic, visitors mainly from where, what content is more popular, and so on, the information to improve the quality of their web site has a pivotal role.

China current website statistics market, showing a four monopoly, service provider website statistics showing absolute advantage respectively is CNZZ, 51, Baidu quantum statistics and statistics, this four website is basically the unshakable occupy more than 90 market share. Many other small website statistical analysis services, or open ocean, or my death, to compete.

then, foreign website statistics service providers, seems not to be deterred, but increasingly on Chinese interested in the domestic market.

, one of the most influential web site statistical services in North America – GoStats website statistics CEO Richard (Richard Chmura) published his views on this issue:

, the Chinese market is a huge potential market, GoStats has always been to see the Chinese market to make their own in the North American market outside the second. I myself have been paying close attention to the development of statistical analysis of China’s Web site, and often marvel at its huge demand. Take CNZZ, it is currently registered users have more than 1 million 600 thousand, the number of sites has more than 2 million 500 thousand, which is the European market and even the North American market can not imagine amazing figures. Since entering the Chinese market in 2007, we have also made good progress. We have been working to improve our services, so that the GoStats site traffic statistics services more suitable for the needs of the Chinese market, more popular by the Chinese webmaster…

Chinese site statistics service

currently the most popular on the market is 51 CNZZ, because the UI design of the crude, popularity should be just a little bit worse. Quantum statistics because of the relationship between Taobao, Taobao is generally welcomed by the owner. The Baidu statistics, because it comes from Baidu’s brand strength, even if the launch late, but also to attract more and more owners of the eyes.

asked the foreign website statistics China services into the market, how to deal with the local China website statistics service competition, website statistics CEO Richard (Richard Chmura) said with a smile:

there will be competition, and now every market is full of competition. GoStats has been experiencing various competitions since its birth. We should be regarded as the first batch of Web services in Europe and the United States and the world, even earlier than Google Analytics. I still remember, when Google Analytics just launched, there was a Tech Crunc>

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