Millet push can live App Lei Jun education Wang Sicong

news April 22nd, after the "national husband Wang Sicong, Wang Sicong Tucao English also enter the Red Sea Lei live. Sina science and technology was informed that millet is testing its own live application millet live, is expected to be officially released in the second half of this year.

it is understood, millet live by millet mutual entertainment millet video phone and meter chat team jointly developed, the main video social concept. The main function is to provide users with mobile phones to shoot video and real-time playback to other users to watch.

in addition to live broadcast, after the end of the live, the user can also choose whether the video content stored in the cloud, for users to watch asynchronously. Currently millet is organized by the star to participate in the live event to test millet live".

Sina relevant responsible person told the

millet, millet in fact as early as last year began brewing millet live, but this product also belongs to the continuation of M chat, the future will become a social component live millet MIUI new.

the sources, in order to build millet live, millet has also developed a special millet video call this product, in order to complete the live video calls, beauty and other functional modules required for the technical reserves.

from early 2015 to the present, there have been TV, KK, panda pepper, Ying launched dozens of passengers, the blue whale live broadcast of the main mobile phone products have on the line, respectively, as in life people live and live in areas such as gaming game.

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