The P2P platform by the end of July the normal operation of the super 1200 August 12 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Sun Fei) the latest data show that the net loan eye "at the end of July, the normal operation of the P2P platform has more than 1200, ranking first in Guangdong Province, the number has more than 300, the proportion of platform turnover accounted for 30.27% of the country, growing very rapidly.

data show that in July the new on-line platform, the number of active investors have increased significantly, while the biggest bright spot is the total turnover of 20 billion yuan for the first time exceeded. Among them, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu occupy the top five, turnover was 30.27%, respectively, 16.09%, 15.89%, 8.01%, 5.46%.

number of active view from the platform, in July the average daily number of active domestic platform remained at around 54000 people, and in Guangdong Province, the average daily number of active platform more than 12500 people, accounting for about 23% of the country, still ranked first.

P2P industry is also taking place in the net loan platform foot phenomenon, some platforms even pure fraud tendency. Investors need to be alert to the moral hazard of net loan platform, operational risk, technical risk and policy risk." Everyone enrichment CEO Xu Jianwen said.

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