People’s daily on the webcast chaos nternet users report channels will be more smooth

fire, chaos prone

webcast in jurisprudence involving violence and other illegal content vulgarization events

"do you know what is the standard of drinking punishment?…… Once you have a glass, put the key to the car……" In January 26, 2017, the lunar calendar is the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, Shandong south of Qingdao city traffic police become "net red", a webcast night drunk driving, drunk driving case commentary and popularization of traffic safety regulations, online exchange with netizens to remind people of safe driving, in the form of live to guard peace force.

2016, known as the first year of the webcast, no live broadcast does not become the norm, interactive entertainment, news reports and other fields are widely used in the webcast. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016 to provide Internet service platform in the country more than 300 companies, and the number is still growing." National Internet Information Office of the person in charge.

however, the need to pay attention to the network is rich in network culture at the same time, a number of violations of ethics, illegal phenomena occur frequently:

last March, known as "Sydney gun" network anchorwoman Lin together with others recorded pornographic video to attract popularity, and to profit, the court verdict, constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials manufacturing;

November 2016, Sichuan Liangshan live donation fraud caused concern: a video broadcast platform on the anchor in the name of charity, in some remote villages, the villagers repeatedly called the shooting to donate cash and supplies video, and in order to attract the audience to send gifts such as anchor; after the end of the broadcast, anchor put the money back to the villagers, to the audience the anchor of the gift, but was converted into anchor money in their own pockets. Concocted fake charity live event anchor profit hundreds of thousands of yuan, suspected of fraud, has been taken by the police coercive measures;


is currently a way to play through the Internet to enjoy the rewards, in order to obtain the greatest degree of concern, increase the amount of clicks, surprisingly recruit, caught the eye has become a platform for individual live suck powder weapon". "Some broadcast platform edge, by the vulgar eye; some spread of illegal content; as well as a platform to carry out illegal news broadcast." National Internet Information Office of the person in charge.

, however, behind the eyeball economy is actually a legal risk in the field of live webcast. For example, the dissemination of pornography, violence and other video is suspected of criminal offenses; for the webcast may infringe the interests of public safety or privacy in public places; in addition, the webcast also involves the issue of intellectual property protection, some anchor directly to the work of others to spread without any explanation……

network in the protection of minors to pay particular attention to the problem, there are a lot of network anchors are 00, due to the immature minds of young people, easy to lead others to follow suit." Zhu Wei, deputy director of the center for communication studies, China University of Political Science and Law

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