Beijing News v Zhejiang online infringement claims 2 million


Zhejiang online website reprint March 19th newspaper articles screenshot.


The original


Washington news agency sued Zhejiang online network media limited liability company without permission of the Beijing news Beijing news articles, copyright infringement case has entered the evidence stage, recently in Hangzhou City Intermediate People’s court hearing.

since the end of 2003 to July 2007, the Zhejiang online website in the case of new Beijing newspaper did not receive any authorization, the number of the plaintiff’s work has been notarized notarized up to 7706. The Beijing news according to Zhejiang online court, asked to order the defendant to stop without permission of the plaintiff works, through the news media public apology and pay royalties and other losses 2 million yuan.

news website published evidence of infringement

Beijing News Agency since March 2007, found the Zhejiang online website in the absence of authorization, without permission of the Beijing News Agency owns the copyright of all kinds of works, and extensive use of communication in its website, mobile phone newspaper and other charges on the platform, the length of time, the number of infringement tort amount is huge, all kinds of website ranking first, serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests of the new Beijing newspaper. After the found, the Beijing news immediately send a written letter for the Zhejiang online website to stop infringement, and in accordance with the law to pay royalties, reprint reprint agreement signed.

Zhejiang online in the receipt of the letter did not immediately stop the infringement, after repeated warnings, Zhejiang online consultation, although has clearly recognized the infringement, but refused to work in accordance with the provisions of infringement reprint pay. The Beijing News Agency, then the law to the court to submit a complaint.

certified, December 2003 to July 2007, the Zhejiang online website using the Beijing News Editing original works of 7706, the total number of words is 9050473, a total of 2477 pieces of pictures, currently the case has entered the stage of court testimony. From now on, according to the list of illegal illegally reproduced works as evidence of the invasion of the listing on the Beijing News website ( full disclosure.

experts say Zhejiang should bear responsibility for online

believes that the Beijing News, Beijing News "published" all the works are entitled to copyright protection by copyright law, Zhejiang online without permission of the behavior, ignore national laws and regulations, a serious violation of the network dissemination of information transmission, Beijing enjoys complete protection works right, right of revision and obtain remuneration right the legitimate rights and interests of copyright etc..

China Copyright Association executive director, China University of Political Science and Law professor Fei Anling said in the case, the plaintiff enjoys the right to network dissemination of information and the right to remuneration such as copyright, the unauthorized use of copyrighted works already constitute infringement, should be.

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