360 security guards said commercial hackers are behind the scenes porn videos

              August 26th morning news, 360 security guards said today that the candid or self pornographic video circulated on the Internet were artificially extended traces, and commercial hacker is behind. 360 analysts believe that hackers use Trojan from the computer to steal the video after the possibility of a great spread, the purpose is to spread the Trojan porn website traffic loss.

online recently in "XX" naming various porn videos: "airline stewardess emerge in an endless stream", "customers" and "Internet cafes", "street", "touch with milk door" and so on, these candid or self once the video to the web, it was quickly reproduced to the community and the relevant forum. Words immediately become a hot search terms.

but these hot words related to the page, BT seeds, online video and other content, but a large number of hidden Trojan virus. 360 security center has been in a number of forums, blog, found that the XX door event has obvious human promotion traces. The main performance is: the "XX" information release place is fixed, and the different "XX" horse "door" refers to the same Trojan download address, with the same population of Trojan and backdoor.

360 security experts believe that the initial XX door event popular network may have some contingency, but then broke the other XX door event, behind the scenes signs have been very obvious. This kind of video is generally very private, the possibility of using computer hackers to steal from the party after the Trojan spread out greatly, and their purpose is to move people’s nerves to further spread Trojans, so as to compensate for the loss of flow of porn sites.

porn site black income

20 this month, the network security service provider Symantec Corp, announced the summer of 2009, the dirtiest site list". The results show that 100 of the most dirty sites, the use of pornographic content of the to lure people into computer virus trap. According to a similar survey data of 360 security center released the domestic "horse attack" harm TOP20 website for all porn sites.

according to the 360 network security experts, in the past, the site was once a member of the membership fee system and do some small ads to maintain the operation. In recent years, the Ministry of public security to carry out an effective network pornography crime, including erotic June days and other criminal gangs have been brought to justice.

porn sites are a badly frightened person long abandoned the membership fee system can easily leave crime clues, began his career in the horse industry chain, acting as a visitor sell computer security flow taking role. Recently, CCTV in the "focus" exposure "sister May day" porn site as an example, the webmaster in website "hang a horse" to commercial hacker charge capitation fee, just 5 months by more than 10 yuan, while hackers use Trojan hacking to steal the wealth is clearly far more than this number. < >

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