September 8th dialogue senior Oracle Gai Guoqiang DBA

      ZDNet Technology Salon: Senior DBA 11g new features -Oracle Guo Qiang Gai full resolution

      teach you to easily grasp the Oracle database

      this salon will be held at CNET China headquarters in September 8, 2007, mainly introducing the new features of Oracle learning method and the latest version of Oracle Oracle Database 11g. We invited the senior DBA as a guest lecturer Guo Qiang gai.

      the Oracle Database Technology Salon topics include:

      Oracle database learning: step by step, that is a simple Eygle Oracle learning method, in the event, eygle will share his practical application and study of Oracle technology.

      Oracle 11g Oracle Database 11g: new features have been released, this new version of the database has brought many exciting new features in this activity, we will share together and explore the reform and innovation of Oracle technology.

      Oracle Database Technology Salon time and place:

      time: 08 September 2007 (Saturday) 14:00 station. Long. Station

      location: CNET (China) headquarters

      address: No. 113, Zhichun Road, Silver Network Center, block, conference room, sea floor, A, 9,

      Oracle Database Technology Salon speaker introduction:

      Oracle DBA eygle worked in Guo Qiang Gai of a state owned company, service to the tobacco industry, the development of large-scale ERP system based on Oracle database; and then worked for a Beijing telecom value-added service providers to provide telecom enterprises, database planning and operation and maintenance support. Practical experience, good at database diagnosis, performance tuning and SQL optimization. For the Oracle internal technology, such as in-depth study.

      Oracle DBA

major Honor: Guo Qiang gai

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