Lin Degang made four mistakes in marketing

According to

over the past ten years of experience, chunshuitang founder Lin Degang summarized four big mistake he committed or witnessed on marketing. U


marketing goal is to sell goods, this is my personal understanding of marketing. Of course, not every marketing is to sell, but you can’t do 10 times sales curve did not change. In other words, you can beat around the Bush, but the circle is not too big to turn back. According to the experience of the past ten years, I have summed up the four mistakes in the marketing or witnessed.

narcissism: marketing cycle is too long to cause the user to lose

recently chunshuitang iball product promotion, a maternal website made a plan, divided into user education, brand introduction period, sales period of three stages, and the configuration of the corresponding promotion resources, looks very correct logic program.

assume that the user education period is 1 million, then these people have seen the brand into the publicity, only the remaining 100 thousand, which can be seen in the sales promotion of the product, only the remaining 10 thousand people in the. According to the conversion rate of 2% of the electricity supplier, only 200 people to buy, doing this promotion is very huge loss. Put yourself in the user to receive information in the scene, you will find that you set the three step, the user only took a step away, or even a step away. So the user scene is very important.

Many professional

company’s proposal attaches great importance to routines 1234567 plan down, logical routine clear, is a look at the family practice. However, you are still there with gestures, the audience watching the 1 to go home for dinner, behind the 234567 useless.

A case of

very impressed, who distribute small ads actually put a line under the conversion rate reach 10%. A key reason is that he has the full attention of people passing through the rush on the road this received small advertising scene, and a good match for this scene, fully ready copy and distribute the visual language by 35 seconds.

with the fragmentation of information and media, you can follow the continuity of the consumer marketing routines minimal. So, I began to advocate NRK, can bite a piece of meat from time to time, unless you are as big as Jingdong like hundreds of millions of yuan of money drops to hit.

: know Fengjie brush the presence of the men who want to marry her?

with a high degree of exposure to the existence of a sense of brush, there is no doubt that the brand can be maintained in the user’s activity, commonly known as mixed face cooked. The field of electricity supplier face familiar with Suning and Dangdang, but know and buy really are two different things. Single men know Fengjie, but there are a few people had to marry her heart? Consumers will not buy because you know you, because I know you must be for him (her) the value of the purchase.

won the 2014 Rebs and Dong Mingzhu gamble, although Dong Mingzhu lost a little grace, but GREE is no doubt win, the whole thing down on Dong Mingzhu.

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