How to use Baidu post bar to promote their website

today on Baidu xianlaiwushi, Post Bar, analysis of how to use Post Bar to promote their website. Now used to communicate with you.

we start with the case. Because my station is a relationship with marketing, so I went to Baidu post bar network marketing it looked down. Now 1000 of the above mentioned several.

1, lonely master tell you the best way

million per month

2, this project allows me to earn 300 thousand of the month of three, visionary people are doing, want to know to come in to see!

3, Shenzhen Huangshi Shunxing Limited – MLM or network marketing


4, experts give you proof of reselling mobile card network company will last forever

5, Qingdao sun cosmetics Limited company recruitment network marketing personnel

6, the network promotion must see how sellers within a short period of time, let the product rapidly across the


saw the case plus their own know now summarized as follows:

first, for the sake of others, others want to send. For example, in case 5, now a part of a part is difficult to find a job, looking for part-time jobs to earn extra money, after all, who do not have extra money, as long as there is energy.

second, it’s about money. Most people are sensitive to a lot of money, money is not the best not to send. Hundreds of no flow, tens of thousands to feel.

third, some marketing tips. Although most people will think it is fake. But still holding a lucky attitude to browse, so as not to miss, because we still believe that learning is very important. It doesn’t matter if you cheat me.

fourth. Some gossip news, sex and so on

above four points is the content of the skills, the following is to promote


posted time, when many people choose. It’s better to go from 7 to 10 in the evening.

sixth, the post is ranked according to the reply time, the closer the time before the ranking. You can have time to go to their posts.

seventh, which will be high post prediction views, the first time to keep abreast of.

above is what I share with you, I hope you leave a message.

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