Small and medium enterprises to carry out network marketing matters needing attention

network marketing refers to the use of the Internet as the main tool for the development of a marketing approach. In recent years, more and more extensive application of network marketing, covering all walks of life. Especially after the economic crisis, more enterprises to expand the network marketing and gain. It should be said that the use of e-commerce network marketing main body, improve the efficiency of the trade process.

e-commerce will become a reality and virtual cooperation, through the network to discuss cooperation, reducing the procurement sector of the artificial link, greatly reducing the waste of human resources. Small and medium enterprises, in particular, there is a shortage of human resources, the problem of insufficient capital turnover, and now through e-commerce, with the world’s suppliers or customers to establish a cooperative relationship. Companies from the line to the next line, from reality into the virtual, which is the advantage of the era of information network marketing.

according to statistics, the purchase cost of 1 yuan per decrease, the equivalent of the acquisition of more than 5-15 yuan sales of products. Thus, the procurement cost to a large extent determines the product price, it can be said, to reduce costs is to improve revenue, e-commerce is also the best implementation of this income effect.

especially the export trade oriented enterprises, since last year, in the global economic downturn, the impact of RMB appreciation, facing great pressure on the operation, through the development of e-commerce brings the accurate information to the enterprise business opportunities, partners. According to the foreign trade enterprises to provide online site, the host rental overseas Chinese Connaught network statistics, there are more than 75% of the enterprises in the network benefit. They set up shop on the Internet, to establish business relations with customers or suppliers in the world, breaking the limitations of the real world, indeed brought huge benefits for them.

and before and after the comparison, more than 60% of enterprises believe that more partners. From which we can understand that e-commerce has been in-depth information construction of enterprises, in the operation of the entire enterprise has played a positive role in promoting.

, however, China Connaught network business people remind us that in the development of e-commerce, the need to pay attention to the following:

first, the need for targeted marketing. Not to build the site. To the knowledge of network marketing into the enterprise network, is not to spend money to build a website, it is equal to network marketing, e-commerce. To the concept of network marketing to every employee, so that they understand the importance of network marketing, and then through the network to achieve market development, improve product sales.

second, do not do thousands of sites, to do their own positioning, characteristics. Different industries, of course, have different marketing practices. For example, although the export of foreign trade are the type of site, can not be thousands of times a few functions to achieve. But to make their own characteristics. The main focus of the characteristics of the network marketing, planning, targeted publicity.

third, the combination of reality and virtual, to achieve the common use of the two marketing models. Although >

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