Nine perfect hot startup counter attack

hunting cloud network reported in April 24th (compiled: Trinity


note: now hunting cloud network startups emerge in an endless stream, how to stand up to become the priority among priorities in the brutal competition in the field of science and technology industry in recent years to change, some companies born and death of the tragedy, some of it is by virtue of a gorgeous opportunity completely. Today, let us look at the wind and waves to withstand the leader it!

not everyone is lucky enough to get a good start.

such a truth in many of the world’s largest companies can be recognized. As everyone knows, the video game industry as one of the three giant Nintendo in 1889 was a little card company, NOKIA in 1865 is only a little-known pulp milling factory, and now makes millions of people fanatical Apple had only a small company selling computer assembly.

many people now use every day in the use of the entrepreneurial companies have also experienced such Nirvana rebirth, the following will introduce you to some of you may not be familiar with but belongs to the class of core technology company’s ups and downs.

office collaboration tools Slack to an alternative online game started

: once in Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield (Stewart · Butterfield) under the leadership of Tiny Speck, Slack developers developed a somewhat offbeat but extremely popular online video game Glitch. The special thing about this game is that it plays a more important role than the monster.

: now, it’s obvious that in the 2012, people didn’t think of Glitch as a profitable business venture. They stopped the use of the game, the company changed its name and focus on a new product Slack, Slack is an office communication applications. Today, the rumors on the lake Slack market capitalization has reached $2 billion. Butterfield also became the influential man in Silicon Valley. But he did not forget to die, still feel sorry Glitch games.

Venmo lets you have the opportunity to communicate freely with the likes of the band

once: Venmo released in 2009, the user can enter their favorite band after the band to get a song of the MP3 file.

now: the Venmo entrepreneurial team realized that this is an application framework to the user favorite, Venmo developers to create a new Venmo: it helps to realize the automatic transfer between friends. In 2012, Venmo was purchased by PayPal for $26 million. network broadcast platform to fortune "

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