Peng Liyuan to see their own domestic inflation the success of domestic products


products may be due to the use of the first lady, produce a "celebrity", get a cognitive and popular, but China can not play the market, have to rely on their own innovation, by entrepreneurs in accordance with market rules and business rules, to create and cultivate independent brands.


/ Liao Baoping

"first lady" Peng Liyuan’s visit every time, will form a hot spot of public opinion, and she is more concerned about the wear of Chinese people.

recently, Peng Liyuan during a visit to Europe using a mobile phone camera pictures in the online heat transfer, Peng Liyuan photographs used in mobile phone domestic manufacturers ZTE Nubia’s sub brand products. According to JINGWAH Times reported on April 1st, from the Jingdong store data show that in March 31st, sales volume of mobile phone upgrade version of Z5Smini for Peng Liyuan than doubled relative to the previous day.

it’s all in my mind. If we’re not so forgetful, should also remember that in March 2013, the first visit with his wife Xi Jinping orfei, first lady Peng Liyuan has been to domestic apparel appearance, fashion generous, dignified and beautiful, the international media attention given, dressed in clothing brands touted by consumers, causing more people to rave reviews, also caused a domestic dress after wave.

"first lady" Peng Liyuan on the trip, the use of domestic products again, and promote the domestic sales, illustrate two problems: one is the top force and interests, to support domestic products, to encourage the independent brand, full of confidence to the independent brand; two is the specific character of the clothing plays an irreplaceable role in the promotion of the brand and lead the brand.

for a long time, talking about clothing bags, electronic products, people say a little foreign goods, the identity of the person, it is required by foreign brands. Peng Liyuan personally, usually prefer independent brands, confident of China, visited each use of products, let the world focus on China brand, and the new government revealed open self-confidence, frugal image very well.

as Mrs. Thatcher to the label (Aquascutum), Michel in the Thon Browne women, Bruni · Sarkozy in the French fashion brand Christian Dior, last year, Peng Liyuan visited with her husband, let a spread in the small circle of Chinese clothing brand popular in the world of night. This year, let the world know the domestic mobile phone, sales growth, once again confirms the specific character of the wear of the brand has an irreplaceable role in the lead and brand promotion of this law. Peng Liyuan displayed in front of the world, domestic use of domestic products, to China brand promotion and support the best, not only for independent brand enterprises with more confidence, let Chinese have a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment sense.

over the years, regardless of the apparel industry or the mobile phone industry, China has long been only the world famous brand clothing, brand-name mobile phone

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