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Abstract: since then, Chen Yizhou tried to stage a comeback. In 2015, when the rise of the live broadcast, Chen Yizhou in the "I show" on the basis of the platform to engage in a "live", he personally pitched battle, left luxury car right beauty, once detonated the eye.

in the social network 1 times, he is the king, who stood in the middle of the stage, set off a dangerous situation, and try to create a "China Facebook". Unfortunately, in the subsequent 2 years, he and his social Empire did not escape the penguins rolling, less than 2 years in the submerged in the ocean of WeChat. He is a tragic hero of Chen Yizhou.

1969, Chen Yizhou was born in Hubei, Wuchang, 1991 graduated from Wuhan University Department of computer, turned to the United states. In the United States, Chen Yizhou did not do anything else, read the book, he studied at MIT and Standford, 4 years to get a master’s degree in 3.

at that time, the Internet heady, the Internet Co dominated Nasdaq composite index from April 1991 500 to December 1999, all the way up, the index has been approaching 5000, 8 years doubled 10 times, Silicon Valley also suddenly emerge Microsoft, apple, YAHOO, Oracle and a number of giant IT.


in the autumn of 1996, that’s Zhang Zhaoyang home founded the Sohu, Wuhan University Students Lei in Jinshan got water from the wind, Chen Yizhou felt hot, he immediately called Standford in a China Internet forum, Hula to four, fifty mainland students, in which there is Yang Ning, Zhou Yunfan two.

three personal mix, then went to Standford outside the Wall Electronic Street stroll, looking for entrepreneurial inspiration.

learn Microsoft Yang Ning think operating system engineering quantity is too big; learn apple? Zhou Yunfan think MP3 technology content is not high; YAHOO how? Three people shook his head at the same time, the search technology is too complex, uncertain." Later, Yang Ning, Zhou Yunfan proposed to engage in a foreign student website, specifically the establishment of a virtual community, the eyes of a bright light, the idea is good, but why not go back to engage in, there are some people in."

so, three people spent a night to make a business plan, the slogan is to build the world’s largest Chinese Virtual community". A month I met more than and 50 investors, however, three people said that for a long time did not take the business model clearly, people can


the last venture Goldman, Chen Yizhou fight, his impassioned half an hour "Chinese 18 million college students, even 5%, our community has 900 thousand" Goldman investment manager has not heard "is not China potential is too big, America added up to no more than 500 thousand students!" finally Goldman decided to invest $100 thousand.

May 1999, $100 thousand for second days, three people flew back to Beijing, in the south of Jian Wei >

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