Reflect on the value of micro blog micro blog marketing how to do

recently micro-blog seems to have faded out of the topic of our circle, in addition to the micro-blog platform to be realized in the flow, had not seen for a long time some hot discussion about micro-blog, noon soy sauce on the Internet, see a netizen in Baidu know the question: "how to see a micro-blog value". So I stopped wandering feet, unable to restrain the emotions to question and answer, yes, although a small molecule is even in the network marketing, but this simple question really understand


I had written about how micro-blog marketing articles are stuck in how to do level, see this question immediately feel at the time of writing this article is so shallow, do not know the true value of a micro-blog also talk about what is the need for marketing, a reflection. Following my brother collected micro-blog marketing do need to have the following several useful value share out:

A: copy is valuable

if you went into the advertising company, must be very familiar with the copy job I had been in this state but do not know if the copy is, what to do, how can write only attractive things? Watercress a netizen is explained "copy is composed of title, subtitle, advertising the advertising slogan". From this point of view, a valuable micro-blog should have the nature of the timeliness of the news, the attitude of the nature of the output, causing users to think about the nature of interesting entertainment.

Examples of this micro-blog

as Li Kaifu teacher is very good, so far has been forwarded 74133 times, more than 16155 netizens comment except teacher Li is a celebrity, the micro-blog also has a new event (News), a clear point of view (View output), let users have Tucao (cited thinking value).

two: pictures are valuable

picture many times easier for users to accept, but the cost of the user’s browsing than words is lower, so a picture with micro-blog pictures than not more popular, with what kind of figure is very key, this figure can not copy the same meaning and expression, can play a visual supplement role is its value.

as the two day of fire "Chinese popcorn machine" became popular on the Internet, deeply reminded everyone of childhood memories, this picture is a sparking micro-blog pictures:

three: is there a forwarding value


power why so strong, can in a short period of time so that people across the country are involved, because the majority of Internet users from the bones still has the spirit of sharing, as long as there are good things to forward it to their friends, colleagues to participate, we usually see those up a whole naked advertising to let others help forward, this is not marketing, which is a rogue.

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