How to carry out network marketing sea cucumber dealers


in the network promotion of sea cucumber enterprises has been nearly three years, can be said to understand the development of this industry, sea cucumber as a high-end seafood tonic, restricted by its own characteristics, want to open up the market in the network have difficulty, through exploration and development in recent years, although the author did not as expected to achieve a good sales network, but also a small harvest, then write out to share with you.

sea cucumber contains company network promotion channel is still very extensive, mainly because of its wide range of target customers, leading to its promotion, the so-called network marketing channels, it is including SEO, advertising information, forum marketing, email marketing, blog marketing, e-commerce sales, many network promotion personnel the channel is often involved, but were not deep enough, not professional.

in my opinion, sea cucumber SEO, enterprise website advertising information release etc. are the basic work of the network promotion, this promotion is often spread in a wide range, but the conversion rate is low, therefore reduce the effort should focus more on shop selling. Taobao is a good online direct marketing platform, the establishment of enterprise network shop is not difficult, the key is how to promote their own shops, the shop building and promotion process roughly as follows: the promotion of sea cucumber shop – sea cucumber stores improve the content of sea cucumber – shop.

sea cucumber shop decoration

now, Taobao common shop was too simple, so that the sea cucumber businesses in considering the cost of the case put a small amount of much money opened Taobao Pu, consumer protection and other services, which can enhance customer trust, will enhance the store’s aesthetics and visual impact.

the improvement of the content of sea cucumber shop

After the

shop decoration is good, there are a lot of content needs to improve products, a full range of pictures, text and other content, enhance customer confidence, at the same time, more detailed content will also allow customers to reduce the online consultation time, save time for the enterprise, improve work efficiency.

sea cucumber shop promotion


, the decoration in the store to improve the good, need to do online promotion, online promotion will undoubtedly have the following several aspects, advertising information release, Taobao customer promotion, Ali mother promotion, do not blindly seek free promotion, in some cases, the premium paid promotion to promote, but should maximize to reduce the cost of network promotion.


above is the author summarizes some promotion experience, welcome friends from all walks of life. Source: Qingdao Fuyuan dimensional sea cucumber

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