Express industry in urgent need of reform and upgrade logistics Jingdong with defects


some time ago, because of the confusion in the courier industry, and CCTV exposure. When I saw this news, see those videos, express was thrown to throw away, no wonder every time I take the courier, the outside had to have the packaging dust, the news gave me a reasonable explanation. There are friends to say, he mailed a sound, and so on, when it has almost become part, and the complaint has not been resolved. This can give us a passion for online shopping has brought endless trouble.

was in the first half of 2012, the courier or the electronic commerce in a small role, but with the electricity supplier making section, the electricity supplier who not only price war, also begin to fight the express, also formed a fierce battle "express now". But in the face of this situation, the courier continued reform has become inevitable. Now, the Jingdong to follow the footsteps of the times, the code named "Dragon Logistics System", also give us online shopping buyers of new hope, also let the Jingdong and Suning logistics of the war, became the first, then the Jingdong logistics upgrade, in the end to the Jingdong has brought what


to attract the attention of consumers and media, to save part of the courier situation

in this express day into our lives, but also caused us enough attention, Jingdong took the lead in the launch of its own express system, which will undoubtedly attract the attention of consumers. Let consumers in despair, a glimmer of hope on the Jingdong’s express. This can not only give Jingdong mall attracted customers, but also to make the Jingdong itself in the express war, played a beautiful war. Jingdong also rely on the express delivery of this strategy, won the market opportunities, but also to win in the electricity supplier is further. Finally, the public can also be despised by the courier industry, with a touch of sunshine. This will also be able to attract the attention of the mainstream media and competing reports, but also to the mall Jingdong do free publicity to attract traffic, but also to leave a good reputation.

help to enhance consumer confidence, to win a broader market

when we bought our own mind in the happy things online, but suddenly found behind us, lovely things in the process of transportation is so treated by others, first of all, the heart must be very angry. At the same time so that we express confidence in the company down to the bottom.

Now the Jingdong

mall built logistics system has started operations, the system not only support the Jingdong store from mentioning self distribution and distribution business, also can undertake third party logistics service. Can realize the distribution site of receipt, inspection, delivery receipt, distribution and other positive operation function at the same time, also support the return home, provide 5 hours pick-up, cash on delivery service for the third party reverse businesses. As our buyers, first of all to see this can achieve so many features, the first thought, the courier system is Jingdong

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